Konstantin Grcic's Table B for BD Barcelona still is an "iconic design"

Dezeen promotion: Dezeen has teamed up with design brand BD Barcelona Design to look back on some of its most successful products – the first being a table designed by Konstantin Grcic in 2009.

Grcic's Table B is part of a collection named Extrusions, which he based on the Hypóstila shelving unit that has been produced by the brand since 1979.

Konstantin Grcic's Table B is part of a collection named Extrusions

BD Barcelona's general manager Jordi Arnau described the table – made from extruded aluminium – as the most iconic design within the collection because of its form and material combinations.

"The most iconic design of the Extrusions collection is the Table B for many reasons," Arnau told Dezeen.

"The profile of the tabletop, which looks like an aeroplane wing with only four millimetres at the edge makes it very unique, and even more when it is combined with legs in such a different material as wood."

BD Barcelona considers it an iconic design, with a tabletop shaped like a plane wing

Later on, the German designer added Chair B, Bench B and Side Table B to the extrusions collection.

In response to demand from architects, BD Barcelona has lowered the price of the Chair B in the standard natural ash finish by 30 per cent to make it more suitable for contract projects.

Later on Grcic added Chair B to the collection

Overall, Arnau said the collection pays tribute to the brand's earliest collaborations with designers such as Oscar Tusquets Blanca, as well as the processes they would use.

"With the Extrusions collection Konstantin Grcic wanted to pay a tribute to BD's shelving systems in extruded aluminium, which were designed by Lluis Clotet and Oscar Tusquets in the early 70s," said Arnau.

Bench B is also part of the collection, which makes use of extruded aluminium

"I think it's a beautiful story that almost 40 years after a contemporary designer used a manufacturing process that we use it to create completely new products."

BD Barcelona – whose prestigious catalogue has featured designs from the Campana brothers and Jamie Hayón as well as Salvador Dalí and Antoni Gaudí – has also recently launched the REmix project in a bid to combat wastefulness in the design industry.

Its distinctive output also includes a monkey-shaped table by Jaime Hayón, a suggestively shaped vase by Ettore Sottsass, and a shanty-town-inspired cabinet by Doshi Levien.