MINI Living – Breathe by SO-IL

Join Dezeen and MINI for a talk with SO-IL, Assemble and Carlo Ratti in Milan

Architects SO-IL, Assemble and Carlo Ratti will discuss the future of sustainable urban architecture at our first Dezeen x MINI Living Initiative talk in Milan next week, and Dezeen readers are invited to join us.

Ilias Papageorgiou of New York studio SO-IL, Jane Hall of London collective Assemble and Italian architect Carlo Ratti will all join Dezeen and MINI for the event on Thursday 6 April.

The discussion will start at 3pm at MINI's Breathe installation at Via Tortona 32 (pictured), which was designed by SO-IL as a sustainable response to ever-shrinking homes and limited resources in urban areas.

Venue: MINI Living – Breathe, Via Tortona 32, 20144 Milan
Date: Thursday 6 April
Time: 3pm

We will be streaming the talk live on Dezeen and our Facebook page for those that can't make it to the event in Milan.

Dezeen x MINI Living Initiative logo

Dezeen x MINI Living Initiative

The talk is part of the newly announced Dezeen x MINI Living Initiative, which is exploring how architecture and design can contribute to a brighter urban future through a series of online videos and real world events.

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MINI Living – Breathe by SO-IL

MINI Living – Breathe

Open from 4 to 9 April 2017 at Via Tortona 32, SO-IL's installation for MINI is a conceptual living space for up to three people, which occupies a space just five metres wide and 10 metres tall. The concept will present the home as an active ecosystem that can make a positive contribution to its environment.

Breathe by SO-IL is the third installation in the car brand's MINI Living programme, a project launched by car brand MINI in 2016 showcasing architectural solutions for future urban living spaces. It follows on from projects by Japanese studio ON design in Milan last year and London architect Asif Khan's Forests installation at London Design Festival 2016.