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Jaime Hayon's Showtime furniture for BD Barcelona now available in new finishes

Dezeen promotion: Jaime Hayon's popular Showtime furniture collection, which celebrated its 10th anniversary last year, is now available from Spanish brand BD Barcelona Design in new materials and fabrics.

Spanish designer Jaime Hayon first launched the bestselling Showtime range in 2006, aiming to create furniture reminiscent of MGM musicals, and continued adding new pieces to the collection until 2010.

BD Barcelona relaunched the Showtime collection in 2016, with new finishes for the Multileg Cabinet and the Showtime Vases

BD Barcelona relaunched the collection in 2016 to mark its 10th anniversary, offering the Multileg Cabinet, the Showtime Vases, and the Showtime Poltronas in new finishes.

For Milan design week 2017, the brand is relaunching even more of the collection. The Showtime Nude Chair, the Lounger and the Low Lounger will be available a wider range of materials, including ash wood, leather and colourful fabrics.

For 2017, the Showtime Chair is now available in a more basic form, with a seat cushion and no other upholstery

The Showtime Chair, which was first unveiled in 2007, is a customisable seat with scooped sides attached to a curved backrest and armrests.

The new version is a simple reinvention. Intended to be sold with a seat cushion and no other upholstery, it has been renamed Showtime Nude Chair.

It is available in natural or stained ash

It is available in natural or stained ash, leathers from the brand's Panama, Florida and Vintage collections, and various fabric colours.

New versions of the Lounger and the Low Lounger, which followed the release of the Showtime Chair, come in the same range of materials, as well as fabrics from textile brand Gabriel.

The Lounger comes in a new range of materials too, including leathers from the Panama, Florida and Vintage collections, and various fabric colours

"The Showtime Collection changed completely the perception of BD Barcelona Design in the international markets," explained Jordi Arnau, general manager of BD Barcelona Design.

"It has become our top seller collection worldwide, and it has raised interest, and attracted many customers and retailers that before were not interested in selling our products," he continued.

"Many architects and designers have told us that Jaime Hayon's designs combine perfectly well with the ones from Salvador Dali or Antoni Gaudi, also produced by BD."

BD Barcelona Design has also relaunched the Low Lounger

BD Barcelona's prestigious back catalogue also features designs from the Campana brothersEttore Sottsass and Doshi Levien. Earlier this year, the brand launched the REmix project in a bid to combat wastefulness in the design industry.

Hayon, who is known for his playful approach to design, has also collaborated with the brand to design a monkey-shaped table.

Other memorable projects by the Spanish designer include a collection of mirrors shaped like tennis-table bats and tables formed from concrete cartoon monkeys.