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Curved Light Set by Bookman

Competition: win a set of Bookman bicycle lights and magnetic reflectors

Dezeen is giving away five sets of rechargeable bike lights and magnetic reflectors that clip onto clothing, which are all designed by Swedish bicycle accessory brand Bookman.

Having previously created battery-powered bike lights, Bookman designed the Curve Light Set to be charged via USB.

Clip-on Reflectors by Bookman

The set includes a front light with that lasts up to 35 hours, and a rear light with a 32-hour charge life. Each takes an estimated two hours to charge from flat.

Curved Light Set by Bookman

For extra visibility, Bookman has also curved the light faces to widen the illumination, so they can be seen from the sides as well as straight on.

At the rear, an elastic silicone clip attaches onto the bike bars like a buckle.

"Curve Light is bright, long lasting and has a quick and easy USB recharge function, all packed in a small, seamless design," said Bookman.

Curved Light Set by Bookman

The clip is fitted with a power button that users must hold down for 0.7 seconds to turn the light on or off.

By pressing this switch, cyclists can also alternate between four of the available light modes – the maximum brightness of the front light reaches 100 lumens and the rear hits 37 lumens.

Clip-on Reflectors by Bookman

"Its easy-to-use functions make attaching, detaching, powering on, switching modes and recharge all quick, easy and hassle-free," said the brand.

The lights are also designed to be weather resistant for cycling in rain, hail or snow. They also come in a range of colour combinations, including a grey base and yellow, coral-pink paired with dark blue and black on black.

Clip-on Reflectors by Bookman

The five winners will also receive a pair of magnetic reflector strips that attach onto outerwear.

Named Clip-on Reflectors, the accessories are intended for a range of activities, like biking, running or walking the dog at night. They are available in six colours – white, black, red, blue, green and orange.

Each winner will receive a Curve Light Set and Clip-on Reflectors in their choice of colour.

The products are also available to purchase from Bookman. The light set retails at $87 (£65.66), while the reflectors cost $9 (£6.79).