MAD's hilltop village in Beverly Hills shown in new images

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Gardenhouse by MAD Architects

New images released of MAD's design for hilltop village in Beverly Hills

These new renderings reveal more details of the plant-covered residential complex that Chinese architecture studio MAD is building in Beverly Hills.

Designed like a hilltop village, the Gardenhouse development at 8600 Wilshire Boulevard is under construction in the affluent California city.

Gardenhouse by MAD Architects

The new images show typical interiors for the 18 white gable-fronted dwellings, which sit atop a podium of foliage-clad shops.

To complement the architecture by MAD, the Beijing-based firm led by Ma Yansong, US office Rottet Studio has used a minimal palette of mainly white surfaces, light wooden floors and marble accents for the interiors.

Gardenhouse by MAD Architects

"The spaces will pay homage to the incredible building design while evoking the spirt of California living and residential modernism," said a statement written on behalf of project developer Palisades.

"The indoor and outdoor spaces will be fluid, allowing light to be captured in a way that feels expansive, bright and connected to its surroundings."

Gardenhouse by MAD Architects

The faceted roofs of the buildings will be expressed inside, either in double-height living spaces or bedrooms.

The cluster of dwellings will be arranged around an elevated central courtyard, where decking will be interspersed with planting.

Gardenhouse by MAD Architects

Residences will have balconies facing onto this area, peppered with trees and other greenery. Some homes will also include private terraces hidden from view.

The mixture of villa-style townhouses, villas, studios and condominiums are assembled into volumes that will rise in height towards Wilshire Boulevard.

Gardenhouse by MAD Architects

Below, native drought-tolerant succulents and creepers will cover the street facades, followed by glazed shopfronts at the base.

The Gardenhouse scheme was first unveiled in June 2015, and provides an example of MAD's preoccupation with fusing architecture and nature.

Gardenhouse by MAD Architects

The firm is renowned for translating Chinese shan-shui art, which depicts dramatic landscapes of mountains and water, into building forms.

Recently completed versions include Huangshan Mountain Village and Chaoyang Park Plaza – both in MAD's native country.