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Roundup: Design for Women

Ten of the most forward-thinking designs created for women

As part of International Womens Day, Dezeen has pulled together products that have been designed specifically for women – dealing with everything from periods, to child rearing and sex.

Roundup: Design for Women

Hairy Jewellery by Naama Agassi

This fringed jewellery by designer Naama Agassi is intended to be worn on areas of the body where hair is typically considered as embarrassing for women. Agassi, who took cues from the colours and tasseled elements of ceremonial uniforms, hopes the pieces will encourage a "renewed aesthetic appreciation" of body hair.

Peter Astbury's wristband counters symptoms of menopause

Grace wristband by Peter Astbury

Intended to appear as a fashion accessory, the Grace wristband helps menopausal women regulate and alleviate their hot flushes via an integrated cooling system. The design, which is accompanied by a smartphone app, is also meant to be a less invasive option to other treatments like hormone replacement therapy.

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Roundup: Design for Women

Sexual Healing by Nienke Helder

A horsehair brush and silk kimono are among this set of sensory objects created by Dutch designer Nienke Helder to help women affected by sexual abuse. Helder, who got the idea for the project from her own experiences of trauma, says "by giving someone an object and making them part of the therapy, it opens a lot of doors for conversation".

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CES: Willow breast pump

Wireless breast pump by Willow

This breast pump designed by US brand Willow allows new mothers to express milk without connecting to a power socket or getting undressed. Instead, a teardrop-shaped machine sits discreetly underneath a woman's bra and quietly draws milk to a pouch stored inside.

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The Pro Hijab by Nike

To create the Pro Hijab, Nike teamed up with top female Muslim athletes who informed the brand on how the garment could be optimised for sport performance. The resulting design, which features just one layer of fabric, has been constructed from a mesh that is secure, breathable and completely opaque.

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Tampliner by Callaly

After research revealed that over a quarter of women are unsatisfied with their choice of period product, British start-up company Callaly set about creating an alternative. The resulting Tampliner combines a tampon with a mini pantyliner, providing the wearer extra security during menstruation – without the need for a separate pad.

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Roundup: Design for Women

Joy sex toys by Christy Chan

Christy Chan designed these sex toys to resemble everyday household items as a way to normalise intercourse and break down the taboos she felt surrounded female masturbation. The range, which is titled Joy, includes an egg timer with a built in vibrator and a body washing brush whose handle serves as a dildo.

Flushable pregnancy test by Lia

US start-up Lia created the world's first flushable pregnancy test in hopes to offer women more privacy should they be faced with this situation. Fabricated from the same non-woven, natural plant fibres that make up most toilet paper, the design is also meant to be an environmentally friendly alternative to the plastic testing methods currently on the market.

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Nixie Girl menstural cup by Ailsa Inglis

Nixie Girl menstrual cup by Alisa Inglis

Alisa Inglis created the Nixie Girl in attempt to tackle the stigma surrounding unconventional period products. After researching the design of existing menstrual cups, Inglis adapted her product to make it more appealing to first time users and encourage its use among young girls.

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D reusable tampom applicator by Dame

Finding a sustainable approach to periods, UK start-up Dame has created the world's first reusable tampon applicator. Made with antimicrobial properties that help it stay clean, the D intends to cut down the plastic waste produced from disposable menstrual products that often can't be recycled.

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