Agnes by Andreas Engesvik

Andreas Engesvik imagines a "gentle, warm person" in design for Agnes chair

Norwegian designer Andreas Engesvik has combined soft fabrics with a reclining wooden frame to create a chair that feels like a familiar figure.

Engesvik, based in Oslo, created the Agnes chair for Swedish brand Ire.

Through his design, he aimed to create a chair that would be suitable for both city apartments and summerhouses. Its shape and form are intended to be informal and relaxed – something he likens to a "gentle and warm person".


Agnes by Andreas Engesvik

"I see Agnes as a gentle and warm person, timeless but relaxed," said Engesvik. "The chair is lightweight and can easily be moved around."

"The size and shape allow you to sit in an informal and relaxed position," he continued.

The frame of the Agnes chair is made from Scandinavian wood, and is created in collaboration with Ire's team of craftspeople in the south of Sweden.

A rug-like leather or textile upholstery is then draped over the wooden frame – giving the chair a more relaxed feel. This textile can also be removed and repaired, in order to increase the lifespan of the chair.

"We wounded up with this idea where we have patches of different materials, like leather, textiles and wood, going across from each other and all coming together in a good harmony," said the designer.

"The chair can be repaired, reupholstered and reused again and again," he continued.

Agnes by Andreas Engesvik

Engesvik was keen to use materials already in production by Ire, in particular, the wooden frame, which he says was "inspired by Ire's local, Scandinavian approach".

"I always try to understand and interpret the brand I work for," he said. "The materials used to make Agnes are the materials Ire use, I didn't see any reason for challenging them."

"The chair is built on their expertise and knowledge about materials and sustainability."

Agnes by Andreas Engesvik

Engesviks Agnes chair is one of four armchairs in Ire's latest collection named after four female characters associated with the Swedish province of Västergötland: Agnes, Agda, Eva and Estrid.

The whole collection launched at this year's Stockholm Furniture Fair, which took place from 6 to 10 February 2018.

Also launched during the event were Lucy Kurrein's modular sofa and Lotte Douwes charging device made from porcelain.

Engesvik is based in Oslo, Norway. His previous projects include a two-toned toothbrush designed for Danish brand Hay and lounge chairs with plush cushions designed for Swedish brand Fogia.