Sofa by Rafa García for Sancal

Rafa García designs sofa like a "fluffy and soft" dessert for Sancal

Dezeen promotion: Spanish designer Rafa García has tried to emulate the soft and airy texture of mousse with this modular sofa for furniture company Sancal.

Sofa by Rafa García for Sancal

Called Mousse, the sofa's seats are made from fibre and foam and are designed to emulate the texture of air bubbles.

"Rafa García has put on his apron to offer us one of his sweetest recipes, Mousse, a wide-ranging seating system to the delight of all the senses," said Sancal.

Sofa by Rafa García for Sancal

"Purist in its form and balanced proportions, the sweet character is expressed through supple visual cues. A timeless look beyond ephemeral fashion," explained the brand.

Described by Sancal as "a pleasure for all five senses", the modular sofa is available in a range of options. There are two types of seating modules and two different arm rests that can be combined in numerous combinations.

An auxiliary table with two tray sizes can also be attached to either the arm, back or seat of the sofa.

As well as offering modular add-ons, the sofa comes in an "endless" range of upholstery fabrics from Sancal's collection.

Sofa by Rafa García for Sancal

Sancal's designs are often inspired by strong visual cues, with examples incuding sound panels built to resemble beetles and a chair that looks like a tortoise shell.

Mousse is the latest in a series of furniture pieces designed by García for Sancal. He previously designed the brand's Air, Eleva and Tiptoe sofas, as well as the quilted Obi sofa that is based on Japanese kimonos.

More information can be found on the Sancal website.