Twin Peaks soundtrack accompanies Dimore Studio's Limited Edition exhibition

Plush purple carpeting, metallic surfaces and pink stone walls create a dreamy, tactile setting for the first collection of one-off furniture pieces created by Dimore Studio co-founder Emiliano Salci.

Dimore Studio's Limited Edition exhibition

The Limited Edition exhibition by Dimore Studio showcases nine unique furniture pieces designed by Salci in a temporary showroom of Via Solferino, close to the studio's gallery space. 

Visitors are greeted by a pile of old TV screens offering details of the show in green digitised lettering, emulating the typeface used for computer code. Music from the David Lynch-directed TV series Twin Peaks plays in the background throughout the exhibition.

 Dimore Studio's Limited Edition exhibition 

Each of the items exhibited in the space is a reconfigured piece of 19th- or 20th-century furniture, reimagined by combining different objects and adding new elements, materials and finishes and displayed as a stand-alone item in its own pool of light.

Lozenge and oval shapes are repeated in many of the designs. 

Dimore Studio's Limited Edition exhibition

"They are deconstructed pieces, taken apart and put back together again, revived with new fittings and bright new lacquers, in a variety of materials like brass and polished steel that breathe new life into them with an irreverent charisma," said the studio. 

"An arrangement of consoles, bars, low tables and buffets are set up in a colourful environment which serves as a vibrant backdrop with its bright purple carpeting and pink walls."

Dimore Studio's Limited Edition exhibition

Among the furniture is a dressing-table-like piece with a wall-mounted flat mirror that has a smudged finish and five mirror-capped bulbs in a line near the top to create a diffused light.

This sits above two long drawers, each fronted with a dappled wood veneer and featuring two brass handles, standing on a plinth, and is displayed against a gold-coloured wall. 

Elsewhere, a lozenge-shaped wooden tabletop has been mounted on a steel plinth and a hole cut out of the centre to house luscious green plants, while a single-drawer console is finished in two tones of wood veneer and mounted onto a wall with decorative black-lacquered legs. 

Dimore Studio's Limited Edition exhibition

The Limited Edition show was one of three exhibitions staged by Dimore Studio and Dimore Gallery during Milan design week on the same street. It will remain open to the public until the end of May. 

Dimore Studio was founded by Italian-born Salci and American designer Britt Moran in 2003. Together with Dimore Gallery, which focuses on design classics, it has become synonymous with a new energy around Milanese design, and an opulent style that combines multiple eras and aesthetics. 

Dimore Studio and Dimore Gallery regularly feature in "best of" roundups and previews by publications including Dezeen, and Salci and Moran are among the judges for the first Dezeen Awards this year.

The Dimore Gallery exhibition during last year's Milan design week combined 1950s car detailing and 1970s interiors, while a recent interior design for a London Supper Club drew on decadent 1960s nightlife spots on the French Riviera. 

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