Watch our Dezeen x MINI Living talk in Los Angeles

Our latest Dezeen x MINI Living talk explores how architects and designers can create spaces that cater for people's increasingly globe-trotting lifestyles.

David Freeland, co-founder of Los Angeles architecture firm FreelandBuck, Harvard academic and Desirability Lab founder Beth Altringer, and MINI Living creative lead Oke Hauser spoke to Dezeen's US editor Dan Howarth for the talk, which took place at MINI Living's Urban Cabin installation for LA Design Festival on a rooftop in Downtown Los Angeles.

The panellists discussed the rise of nomadic living and remote working – where people choose to move from city to city, and country to country, rather than settle down in one place – and explored how this increasingly prevalent lifestyle is changing architecture.

As huge, global companies roll out increasing numbers of co-living and co-working spaces designed by international architecture and design firms, the talk also asked how we can create spaces that cater for this globe-trotting lifestyle without the buildings we live and work in becoming monotonous and lacking a sense of place.

The talk was part of Dezeen x MINI Living Initiative, an ongoing collaboration exploring the ideas that could shape our cities in future through a series of online videos and real world events.

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