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Eight home interiors furnished around statement rugs

IKEA recently collaborated with high-end fashion designers on a collection of statement rugs, and eye-catching carpets are becoming a focal point again in home interior design. Here are eight of the best to have featured on Dezeen.

Workstead House by Workstead

Bee's Row house renovation, USA, by Workstead

Brooklyn design studio Workstead inserted a rug reminiscent of animal skin on the wooden floor of this bathroom inside a 19th-century-row house in Charleston, as part of a "southern modernism" makeover.

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Apartment Musico Iturbi by Roberto di Donato

Musico Iturbi apartment, Spain by Roberto Di Donato

A textured red rug stands out amongst the grey furniture and tall wooden storage units in this Valencia apartment, located in a listed residential building that dates back to the early 20th century.

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Raft Loft by Dash Marshall

Raft Loft, USA, by Dash Marshall

New York architecture studio Dash Marshall connected two single-storey Tribeca apartments into one home with blackened steel staircase,. The property has been accented with a large green rug and potted plants.

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Palácio do Comércio, Portugal, Atelier In Vitro

Architecture studio Atelier In Vitro's retro refit of three apartments in this Porto block included the addition of parquet flooring, mid-century furniture, and boldly patterned rugs.

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Apartment with Byōbu doors, Japan, by Minorpoet

A monochrome patchwork rug catches the eye among a number of otherwise pared-back decorations in this open plan 1960's Tokyo Apartment, which also has kitchen hidden by folding doors.

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alessandro mendini apartment 50 marseille france

Apartment N°50, France, by Alessandro Mendini

Tasked with furnishing an apartment inside one of the most iconic brutalist buildings of all time, Le Corbusier's Unité d'Habitacion, Alessandro Mendini opted to fill the flat with colourful objects including a vibrant geometric rug he created in collaboration with Joseph Carini Carpets.

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Casa TEC 205 by Moneo Brock Studio

Casa TEC 205, Mexico, by Moneo Brock

Designed as a homage to the work of Luis Barragán, this house in Monterrey by Moneo Brock features bright pink and yellow dividing walls on its exterior, with the interior equally as bold, as demonstrated by the colourful zig-zagged rug in the living room.

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Arthur Elrod House by John Lautner

Elrod House, USA, By John Lautner

John Lautner's concrete house overlooking Coachella Valley features a half-moon swimming pool that became world famous after featuring in the James Bond film Diamonds Are Forever. A circular rug placed in the living room, to match its domed roof, is equally as attention-grabbing.

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