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Naked Labs launches at-home 3D body scanner

US start-up Naked Labs has launched a smart mirror and connected scale that can build a 3D scan and full health profile of your body.

The company aims to take 3D body scanning technology out of health and medical centres and bring it into people's homes.

Its Naked body scanner consists of a full-length mirror with a paired scale that revolves to allow the mirror to capture a 3D model of the person standing in front of it.

After the 15-second scan is complete, users can view the image in the accompanying Naked app, along with data including their body fat percentage, lean mass and fat mass, circumferences, side-by-side comparisons, and graphs of historical data.

Naked Labs is positioning the product as an advanced fitness tracker that people can use on a daily basis to improve their health.

"People are searching for evidence-based methods to track health and fitness that aren’t solely focused on weight," said Naked Labs co-founder and CEO Farhad Farahbakhshian.

"We are excited to get Naked into people's homes to give them better insight into exactly what's going on in their body and help them work towards their goals."

As well as health tracking, Naked Labs believes the product could help to facilitate made-to-order clothing, dynamic healthcare plans and video game avatar-building in the future.

The mirror, designed by Box Clever, works by using three infrared-based depth sensors to capture images of the body, similar to those used in the now discontinued Xbox Kinect.

Naked's processor then stitches the images together into a 3D model, accurate to within 15 millimetres. To calculate body fat and other metrics, it runs a proprietary algorithm.

Of the hardware, the mirror has a simple matt-black powder-coated extruded aluminium freestanding frame, while the scale is white polycarbonate with a glass top. Naked Labs will explore other finishes in the future.

Global design agency Edenspiekermann developed the Naked branding, logo, app look and website.

Naked is now on sale in the US. It joins a growing market of health and fitness gadgets, which range from ubiquitous wearable trackers like the Fitbit to more rarely seen yoga-perfecting leggings by Wearable X.