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15 Clerkenwell Close by Amin Taha + Groupwork

"Amin, it's ugly demolish it"

In this week's comments update, readers can't agree on whether architect Amin Taha's Dezeen Award-shortlisted housing block is beautiful, or ugly and should be demolished.

To be, or not to be: RIBA award-winning architect Amin Taha has been served a demolition order for 15 Clerkenwell Close, causing a stir among readers.

"I simply can't believe this. The building is beautiful," said a shocked Bramsan Janssan.

Nota Bene was less emotional: "It either has planning permission or it doesn't. If it does then keep it regardless of it aesthetic appeal. If it doesn't then knock it down."

Other readers were less forgiving, including Dan: "Amin, it's ugly demolish it."

Heywoodfloyd had different ideas: "I would recommend Mr.Taha go on the offensive, see if there is any truth in the claim that other council members may be living in non-compliant buildings. Dig up some dirt, anything. I'm not even that keen on the building, but honestly, good luck."

One reader was highly amused:

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Es Devlin to design UK pavilion for Dubai Expo 2020

It's only words: the Poem Pavilion, designed by set designer Es Devlin, has been chosen for the UK Pavilion at the Dubai Expo 2020, leaving readers with plenty to say.

"Es Devlin is a really amazing set designer, but the concept for this project is a bit all over the place – shows that when you enter certain circles or privilege you can do just about anything you want," commented Nick Paste.

Hazel B was even less impressed: "Not another pretentious and amateurish Es Devlin project, surely the UK design community can serve up something a bit better than this?"

"I remember when our rich cousins got those fridge magnet words: underwhelming," agreed Richard Lockwood.

Lizzy was full of praise, however: "These images look stunning so if the real thing is anything like this then I think it will look great. Can't wait to see it."

This reader had their own ideas:

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Jan Boelen Appointed Curator of the 4th Istanbul Design Biennial

Plastic fantastic: Istanbul Design Biennial curator Jan Boelen has described the trend for making products out of reclaimed plastic as "bullshit", leaving readers divided.

"The man makes immense sense: recycling isn't the solution, but has become part of the problem," said Duckusucker.

The American Mansion agreed: "If the goal is to reduce pollution while creating striking architectural masterpieces, then go with the bioplastic."

On the other hand, Teachscience claimed that: "The man needs to refresh his knowledge base – bioplastic is a misnomer. Whether derived from petroleum or seaweed, plastic is a real problem."

"So, what do we do with all the existing plastic that could be recycled into new products?" asked Steve Hassler.

This reader thinks they have the solution:

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David Hockney reveals iPad-designed stained-glass window in Westminster Abbey

Window of opportunity: readers are mocking David Hockney's design for a new stained-glass window in London's Westminster Abbey, in commemoration of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II.

"That looks really bad and tacky," said Guisforyou, bluntly.

Duckusucker agrees: "Wrong setting. Images that could be of anything. This, to celebrate the long reign of a woman who is very much a traditionalist?"

"Good idea but not for Westminster Abbey," offered a diplomatic Mrdelvoye.

Arc completely disagreed: "Go big or go home: an inflatable Jeff Koons-style corgi balloon dog outside Westminster would be quite appropriate."

One reader wanted to know the Queen's opinion:

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