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The Tulip by Foster + Partners

"But will it vibrate?"

In this week's comments update, readers are in agreement that Foster + Partners' design for London's new tallest building, The Tulip, resembles a body part.

Planting the seed: Foster + Partners submitted planning permission this week for the viewing tower that, if built, will become the tallest structure in the city. Readers think it resembles something phallic.

"The penis", Richard dubbed the building.

Joshua W K Burns was thinking along similar lines. "They built the penis, and now they want to build a giant sperm," he said, referencing The Gherkin, designed by the same architects.

"Tim Burton/Willy Wonka sex toy," suggested Dropdeaded209.

Reginald Bowler agreed: "It's a giant dildo isn't it. What are they going to build next door? That's the worry."

This reader had an important question:

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MAGA Building Blocks

Toy story: a Lego-style kit for Donald Trump's border wall has been launched by Conservative retailer Keep and Bear, and commenters have plenty to say about it:

"I never liked the philosophy of 'no such thing as bad publicity,' but it's particularly shameful to see it apply to a children's toy or a piece of propaganda, " said Rthko.

John had a different concern: "I have to pay for it? I thought Mexico was paying for it."

"How is that not a parody?" asked Mister Sterling.

"I'm a Mexican and I think this is funny," responded Rodrigo Galvan-Duque.

One commenter had a different nation in mind:

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Jony Ive diamond ring designed with Marc Newson

Girl's best friend: a vegan rug and a diamond ring designed by Apple's head of design are being auctioned for charity at Design Miami, leading to reader concern over miners.

"The credit should go to the miners and diamond fitter," commented Guisforyou.

Anon added: "Wow, a charity diamond ring auctioned at Sotheby's and a vegan rug. Suppose cows are more important than diamond miners?"

"It is possible to care about humans and animals, " responded Gavin.

Diamond Man tried to clear up any confusion by saying: "Diamond Foundry create manmade diamonds."

This reader had other ideas:

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Brexit mug Lee Cartledge

Tea break: a commemorative Brexit mug created by North Yorkshire potter Lee Cartledge has caused a stir among readers, thanks to its "useless" design.

"The best thing to emerge from Brexit yet," praised Davide.

"'May' be a mug," joked Joseph Strawbridge.

Clunking Fist responded: "She's allowing herself to be mugged by the EU."

Meanwhile, Mr.A was making plans for his mug: "Will use it as a pen stand/holder."

This reader conveyed their thoughts through the use of emojis:

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