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Dezeen's top 10 home interiors of 2018

A moody seaside getaway near Copenhagen and a terrazzo-covered apartment in Milan are among our pick of the best home interiors of 2018, selected by interiors reporter Natasha Levy for our review of 2018.

Dezeen's top 10 home interiors of 2018: Seaside Abode

Seaside Abode, Denmark, by Norm Architects

Norm Architects applied dark, earthy tones throughout this family home near Copenhagen to keep the inhabitants' focus on the nearby rugged coastline.

While walls are a sandy beige tone, cabinetry in the kitchen is stained to emulate the colour of soil. A gabled timber wall in the living room is intentionally weathered to reflect the "wild" outdoors.

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Dezeen's top 10 home interiors of 2018: Sant Gervasi apartment

Sant Gervasi apartment, Spain, by Isabel Lopez Vilalta

Antique wardrobe doors form panelled walls inside this Barcelona apartment, which Isabel López Vilalta overhauled to suit a couple and their three young kids.

While the studio highlighted some of the home's original features, like its Catalan vaulted ceilings, they also inserted new details like a new mezzanine play area and a wooden slide.

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Dezeen's top 10 home interiors of 2018: House in a Flat

House in a Flat, Singapore, by Nitton Architects

Nitton Architects tried to create a "mini house" inside this Singapore flat by demolishing a majority of its non-structural walls, and replacing them with sliding plywood partitions and a handful of adaptable furniture pieces.

Intended to counteract the "crowdedness of urban living", the space also features calming white walls and an abundance of potted plants in its indoor garden.

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Dezeen's top 10 home interiors of 2018: Apartment Vilnius

Apartment Vilnius, Lithuania, by Kristina Lastauskaitė-Pundė

Grand arched openings and exposed fragments of fresco hint at the history of this 19th-century apartment in Vilnius, which interior designer Kristina Lastauskaitė-Pundė updated with brass-lined doorways and kitchen cabinetry.

The rest of the home is kept neutral with pale grey surfaces and slate-coloured soft furnishings.

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Dezeen's top 10 home interiors of 2018: Workstead House

Workstead House, US, by Workstead

Workstead channeled "southern modernism" for the revamp of this historic home in Charleston, which was once used to store blockaded goods.

After refreshing the original door frames and wall mouldings with a coat of paint, the studio dressed the interiors with a selection of heritage furniture and classic portrait paintings.

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Dezeen's top 10 home interiors of 2018: Highbury Grove

Highbury Grove, Australia, by Ritz & Ghougassian

Simple concrete blocks form the walls of this extension, which Ritz & Ghougassian added to a home in Melbourne.

The harsh masonry surfaces are contrasted by tactile eucalyptus-fronted joinery, soft velvet sofas, and leafy Australian ferns in the home's outdoor courtyard.

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Dezeen's top 10 home interiors of 2018:

Casa Salvatori, Italy, by Elisa Ossino

Designer Elisa Ossino aptly introduced marble artworks, ornaments and furnishings to this 200-year-old Milanese apartment, which belongs to the CEO of Italian stone brand Salvatori.

Colours seen in the existing ripple-pattern terrazzo floors – ranging from blush pink to yellow-gold – feature on the home's walls and corridors.

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Dezeen's top 10 home interiors of 2018: Chelsea Pied-à-Terre

Chelsea Pied-à-Terre, US, by Stadt Architecture

Gold paint appears to trickle down an emerald feature wall in the bedroom of this New York apartment, which Stadt Architecture designed in reference to the lush landscape of Vancouver's Stanley Park.

Colours in the mural are hinted at again in the largely white-painted living area, which features a green-tinted glass coffee table and mottled gold rug.

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Dezeen's top 10 home interiors of 2018: Din-a-ka apartment

Din-a-ka apartment, Taiwan, by Wei Yi International Design Associates

Just a handful of furnishings are scattered throughout this Taipei apartment, which Wei Yi International Design Associates kept fuss-free to suit the relaxed lifestyles of its retired owners.

As well as a reading corner, the home also has a Japanese-style tatami room where the clients can drink tea or meditate.

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Dezeen's top 10 home interiors of 2018: Ghent house

Ghent house, Belgium, by Atelier Vens Vanbelle

Atelier Vens Vanbelle stuck to a palette of raw, untreated materials for the interiors of this family home in Ghent to create a lived-in feel.

The focal point of the property, which was formally a school, is the terracotta-hued bathroom, which has exposed plaster walls.

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