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Careers guide: Harry Parr reveals how he came to co-found Bompas & Parr

Harry Parr combined his love of food and architecture in food-based, experiential events brand Bompas & Parr. He explains how he got there for the Dezeen Jobs careers guide.

While completing his architectural studies in London, Parr reconnected with schoolfriend Sam Bompas, who was working in property and PR, sparking a creative partnership that would ultimately lead them to found Bompas & Parr.

With a mutual interest in food and drink, the pair began producing architectural jellies, at a time "when 3D printing was still in its infancy".

Using their networks in the design, architecture and property worlds to initially create events based around this concept, the duo soon "galvanised the jelly idea" into more complex, culinary experiences, installations and consultancy for other brands.

"We had interest and entries from famous architects and designers from around the world, so that really set us on a par," said Parr.

Parr said his architectural training has been a big help, as it gave him "a framework to work within."

"Coming up with concepts is the easy bit, it's more about making them happen," he said.

He also said that they key to his success has been a combination of hard work and learning from mistakes.

"I worked through mistakes and learnt to be responsible for things," he emphasised. "I always think, if you can imagine it, you can do it."

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