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Coca-Cola drinking mixers

Coca-Cola spirit mixers come in the brand's original bottles

Coca-Cola has released a range of mixers packaged in Hutchinson glass bottles, the design used by the brand in 1894 when the product was first bottled.

The Hutchinson bottle used for the Coca-Cola Signature Mixers has a straight-sided silhouette and a bulbous neck.

Coca-Cola drinking mixers

The launch marks the first time that Coca-Cola has re-released the bottle in more than a century.

"We wanted to create a special glass shape to not only delineate the new range from classic Coca-Cola but to evoke the essence of mixology's roots," said Krista Webb Carney, design thinking capability director at Coca-Cola.

Keen to develop a "new look and feel for the brand", Coca-Cola worked with branding agency Dragon Rouge to design a visual identity for the four bottles in the series: smoky, spicy, herbal and woody.

Coca-Cola drinking mixers

They opted for the retro aesthetic of the Hutchinson bottle over the better-known curvy Contour bottle – first introduced in 1916 – as a nod to the brand's heritage.

"Working closely with creative agency, Dragon Rouge, we went back to our extensive archives and used the Hutchinson bottle as our inspiration, an iconic bottle shape that pre-dates the Contour bottle," Webb Carney told Dezeen.

Coca-Cola drinking mixers

The new range of mixers, intended to be used with dark spirits like whisky and dark rum, are presented in bottles with a white label.

Each bottle has its own bespoke colour scheme for the cap, seal and lettering. The woody flavour is yellow-brown, spicy is red, herbal is green and smoky is purple.

Coca-Cola drinking mixers

Also on the label is Coca-Cola's logotype and product information, printed in an all-caps, sans-serif typeface, which aims to "reflect the expertise and craft of the contemporary mixologist".

This is the first time Coca-Cola has released beverages specifically designed to be mixed with alcohol.

Earlier this year, the drinks brand launched its very own typeface, designed by British graphic designer Neville Brody, marking the first time that the brand has had its own unique font in its 130-year history.