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Flokk designs its most sustainable chair to date from recycled materials

Dezeen promotion: Furniture manufacturer Flokk, owner of the Swedish brand RH, has released its most sustainable task chair to date – the RH New Logic, which has been made from recycled aluminium, plastic and steel.

Designed in collaboration with Norwegian designers Jonas Stokke and Øystein Austad, the RH New Logic chair is an updated version of Flokk brand RH's bestselling chair – the RH Logic.

Recycled materials make up 61 per cent of the total mass of the RH New Logic. Of this total, 94 per cent of the aluminium used is recycled, as well as 69 per cent of the plastic and 19 per cent of the steel.

RH New Logic by Flokk

"It's by far the most complicated project that I've ever worked on – five years in the making, 18,000 hours, it's just a massive undertaking," said Stokke. "There's a lot of DNA in the brand of RH that needs to be captured."

Flokk has also worked to reduce the number of components that make up the chair to the bare minimum, without compromising on comfort or performance.

RH New Logic by Flokk

Each of the parts are designed to be easily disassembled. This includes a patented upholstery fastening technique that rids of the need for any glues or solvents.

This aspect of the chair also means that every component is replaceable.

RH New Logic by Flokk

While 94 per cent of the materials used can be recycled at the end of their life, the chair also comes with a 10-year warranty – hinting towards the durability of the product.

According to Flokk, from raw material extraction to being ready to ship – including packaging – each chair has a low carbon footprint of 95.5 kilograms of carbon dioxide.

This is the same carbon footprint as 40 spins of a washer-drier machine, or 28 hours of mobile phone usage.

RH New Logic by Flokk

To support the sustainability credentials, a user group of architects and designers followed the project from start to finish, which also led to establishing a new design for the RH Logic range.

This new aesthetic features cleaner lines, a more unified use of materials, and a slight curvature on all surfaces to keep the profile visually interesting.

RH New Logic by Flokk

"The thing about the technical chair is that you also need to make it accessible for the end user, and people can find it intimidating to be faced with a lot of different options," said Stokke.

"All the ergonomics, and all the surfaces touching the body, is really important in the RH Logic," he added. "It's been very important for us in the design process to keep all these phenomenal qualities."

RH New Logic by Flokk

Buyers can design their own chair on the website using the available range of fabric and colour options, which includes textiles from brands such as Kvadrat, Camira, Gabriel and GU.

"It has so many possibilities, and you can throw any kind of problem at this chair," said Stokke. "If it's ergonomic, or if it's price, or if it's the environmental story – or if indeed it's the aesthetics – then you can respond."

"For you, as a personal chair, I would say it's arguably one of the best out there," he added.

To find out more about the RH New Logic chair, visit the Flokk website.