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Wallace Sewell Bauhaus blanket Gunta Stölzl

10 gifts for the Bauhaus obsessed

This year marked 100 years since the Bauhaus was founded. To celebrate the occasion we've selected 10 designs related to the school that would be ideal gifts. 

10 Bauhaus gifts: Gunta Stolz blanket by Wallace Sewell

Gunta Stölzl blanket by Wallace Sewell

Textile artist Gunta Stölzl studied and taught at the Bauhaus, and a blanket she made and used while there has been recreated by British studio Wallace Sewell.

The dormitory blanket has a rectangular gridwork of dark and light shades – a concept that featured prominently in Stölzl's creations.

10 Bauhaus gifts: All season chair by Thonet
Photograph by Philipp Thonet

All Seasons by Thonet

German brand Thonet has reproduced tubular steel chairs from the Bauhaus era with weather-resistant coating and mesh seats for using outside.

The outdoor collection contains Ludwig Mies van der Rohe's cantilever chair S533, Marcel Breuer's model B9 side table and S35 lounge chair, and two pieces by Bauhaus teacher Mart Stam.

10 Bauhaus gifts: Marianna Brandt ashtray by Alessi

Ashtray by Marianne Brandt

German designer and artist Marianne Brandt created this stainless steel ashtray with a cigarette rest and removable lid in 1924, under the supervision of Lazlo Moholy-Nagy at the Bauhaus' metal workshop.

Italian brand Alessi has reproduced Brandt's model, called 90046, with a license from Berlin's Bauhaus-Archiv.

10 Bauhaus gifts: Bauhaus collection by COS

Archive Editions by COS

Swedish clothing company COS, part of H&M, has launched a capsule collection inspired by clothes that students wore at the Bauhaus in the 1920s and 30s.

Pieces include tailored blouses, A-frame skirts, blazers and collared shirts under the line Archive Editions.

10 Bauhaus gifts

Bauhausmädels by Patrick Rössler

Bauhausmädels, or Bauhaus Gals in English, is a photography book published by Taschen that celebrates the work by women at the Bauhaus, whose specialties included metalwork, photography and textiles.

For years almost all attention was given to the leading men of the Bauhaus, but this book forms part of a movement that has sprung up to give its female students much-earned recognition.

10 Bauhaus gifts: Kaiser Luxux lamp by Christian Dell Kaiser

Kaiser Idell Luxus table lamp by Christian Dell

German silversmith Christian Dell worked at the Bauhaus metal workshop in Weimar from 1922 to 1925 and created this curvaceous yet minimal table lamp in 1936 for Kaiser Idell.

Called model 6631 or Luxus, the stainless steel is reproduced by Fritz Hansen. It has a turnable shade, while its height can be adjusted by a clamp at the base.

10 Bauhaus gifts

Bauhaus Journal by Lars Müller Publishers

Lars Müller has reprinted journals from the Bauhaus school from 1926–1931, called Facsimile edition, in collaboration with the Bauhaus-Archiv Berlin.

For the first time, the writings are published in English, including 14 issues of the Bauhaus Journal, originally published by Walter Gropius and László Moholy-Nagy, and four volumes of the Bauhausbücher. Developments at the school, teaching methods and student projects are among the topics that are covered.

10 Bauhaus gifts: The Bauhaus Project by Designtex

The Bauhaus Project by Designtex

A range of fabrics created by Stölzl and Anni Albers, including from their time spent at the Bauhaus school, are reproduced on a commercial scale by Designtex.

The New York company consulted family members and close friends to remake textiles that closely resembled the original's quality and colours, and also reference hand-drawings.

10 Bauhaus gifts: Midgard TYP 113 light
Photograph by Jenner Egberts

TYP 113 by Midgard

An adjustable lamp that was commonplace at the Bauhaus in Dessau, but which was virtually forgotten about, has been reproduced 100 years later by Germany light company Midgard.

Called TYP 113 or Steering Lamp, the fixture was designed by Curt Fischer, who was a close friend of Walter Gropius, leading to its use at the school's workshops and Masters' Houses.

10 Bauhaus gifts: Bauhaus wall mural

Bauhaus Wallpaper by MuralsWallpaper

British company MuralsWallpaper has launched a collection of wallpaper with large shapes and structures in geometric, colourful patterns.

Although not direct copies of Bauhaus designs, the murals feature muted red, blue and yellow compositions and are reinterpretations of graphics from the school.