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La Pointe by L'Abri

Browse remote cabins on this week's Pinterest board

We've expanded our Pinterest board on cabins with images from projects including a remote chalet in a Canadian regional park and a branch-covered hideout by a lake in Norway. Follow Dezeen on Pinterest or visit our updated cabins board to see more.

Project Ö by Aleksi Hautamaki and Milla Selkimaki
The Project Ö cabins, located on the edge of the Archipelago National Park, are designed to be self-sustainable

The board features cabins in remote landscapes, such as a self-sufficient summer home built on a tiny Finnish island, and a holiday house in Estonia formed of two gabled cabins with pitch-black exteriors built on the land of an old fishing village.

Granholmen cabin by Bornstein Lyckefors
Granholmen's mint-green exterior is the first of its colour in the Luleå archipelago

Other projects on our board have colourful exteriors, such as a Portuguese house by NOARQ with bright-red accents and Bornstein Lyckefors' mint-green cabin on a Swedish island.

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