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The Artling and VDF present live talk on art and architecture featuring OMA

The Artling teamed up with Virtual Design Festival to host a panel discussion about how art was integrated into OMA's Potato Head Studios project in Bali, featuring OMA architect David Gianotten.

The discussion, moderated by Dezeen founder and editor-in-chief Marcus Fairs, also featured artist Liina Klauss, Potato Head creative director Daniel Mitchell and Talenia Phua Gajardo, founder of Singapore-based art consultancy and online gallery The Artling.

Potato Head Studios resort in Bali
OMA will speak about its design of luxury resort Potato Head Studios in Bali

The discussion centred around the Potato Head Studios resort in Bali, which was recently completed by Dutch architecture studio OMA.

OMA managing partner David Gianotten led the design and realisation of the project, which was OMA's first hotel on the Indonesian island.

OMA managing partner David Gianotten
OMA managing partner David Gianotten led the design and realisation of the new resort

The building functions as a space for the community, where both hotel guests and the general public can experience contemporary Balinese culture.

"We worked with a large number of local people to handcraft the textures of some concrete walls and also create the woven recycled plastic ceiling panels," Gianotten told Dezeen earlier this year.

Daniel Mitchell, creative director of Potato Head
Potato Head creative director Mitchell uses art to help shape the brand

Also taking part in today's discussion was Daniel Mitchell, Potato Head's creative director. After co-founding and artistically directing London's LN-CC store in 2010, Mitchell relocated to Bali in 2014.

As creative director of the Balinese hospitality brand, Mitchell uses a blend of art forms and design to shape the brand, with previous projects including the launch of Katamama Hotel in 2016 and Desa Potato Head in 2020.

German artist and activist Liina Klauss
Liina Klauss will talk of her experience of integrating art and architecture

Award-winning artist Liina Klauss joined the conversation to speak about integrating art from the perceptive of the artist.

Klauss' work explores visual and conceptual perceptions of waste, and the German artist, who is based in Hong Kong and Bali, has previously collaborated with Potato Head.

Talenia Phua Gajardo, founder of The Artling
Talenia Phua Gajardo, founder of The Artling, will chair the discussion

The talk will be live-streamed from 12:30pm UK time.

Phua Gajardo, who is a judge for Dezeen Awards this year, recently spoke to Dezeen about how galleries are increasingly turning to virtual reality, as we looked at how the global coronavirus lockdowns have led to an uptick in VR events.

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