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Lensvelt shares AVL collection by Atelier van Lieshout at VDF products fair
The AVL Lazy Modernist armchair features in the second Lensvelt products showcase

Lensvelt presents AVL collection by Atelier van Lieshout at VDF products fair

As part of our ongoing collaboration with Lensvelt, the Dutch design brand is presenting its AVL collection of office furniture, created together with Rotterdam-based Atelier van Lieshout, at the VDF products fair.

This marks the second product showcase to take place as part of the VDF x Lensvelt collaboration, after the brand exhibited a series of products designed by Maarten Baas, Fabio Novembre and Studio Job earlier this week.

That same day, we livestreamed a series of talks featuring founder Hans Lensvelt alongside the different collaborators, including van Lieshout and Baas. Later in the week, the brand will be sharing a further three products, including designs from OMA and Richard Hutten.

AVL Spider Chair by Joep van Lieshout for Lensvelt
A stackable, lightweight frame distinguishes the AVL Spider Chair

First up in today's showcase is the AVL Lazy Modernist – an armchair in which every element, from the headrest down to the footrest, is mobile and can be adjusted to suit different users and positions.

Its blocky silhouette draws heavily on the same angular, geometric shapes that feature throughout the collection.

Another seating design featured in the showcase is the AVL Spider Chair, which has a lightweight, stackable frame.

It was made using traditional carpentry techniques, and according to Lensvelt, it "forcefully denies the dry, technical, emotionless methods used in modern-day design".

AVL Office Chair by Atelier van Lieshout for Lensvelt
The AVL Office Chair seated world leaders, including Barack Obama, at the 2014 Nuclear Security Summit

The AVL Office Chair updates the classic rolling seat that has come to epitomise workplace furniture with cubist back- and armrests.

Its distinctive profile can be found in the interior of Amsterdam's Stedelijk museum, and the chair was also used to seat world leaders attending the 2014 Nuclear Security Summit in The Hague.

The final product in today's showcase is the AVL Workbench, which, as the only desk in the collection, "shows what a table is all about".

Made from a monochrome block of polyester, the design hopes to inject some colour into the workplace via a joyful palette that includes light pink, pastel green and bright, firetruck red.

AVL Workbench by Joep van Lieshout for Lensvelt
The AVL Workbench is the only table in the collection

Find out more about the collection over at the VDF products fair, which has been developed as an affordable way for designers and brands to launch new products.

Among the other exhibitors at the fair are Vitra, Shanghai brand Stellar Works and Kvadrat offshoot Kvadrat Shade.

Italian design house Fornasetti also used the platform to present its latest Unusual Living Rooms furniture series, based on recently recovered sketches from its late founder Piero Fornasetti.

About VDF products fair: the VDF products fair offers an affordable launchpad for new products during Virtual Design Festival. For more details email [email protected].