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Live conversation with designer Joep van Lieshout and Hans Lensvelt for Virtual Design Festival

The third part of our VDF collaboration with Dutch furniture company Lensvelt saw designer Joep van Lieshout discuss his work for the brand in conversation with Hans Lensvelt and Marcus Fairs.

Van Lieshout, who founded his studio Atelier van Lieshout in 1995, is one of this year's Dezeen Awards judges. His work spans art, design and architecture.

Joep van Lieshout and Hans Lensvelt
Designer Joep van Lieshout (left) and director of Dutch furniture brand Lensvelt Hans Lensvelt will speak as part of VDF

For our VDF collaboration with the brand, van Lieshout spoke to Lensvelt's director Hans Lensvelt, a big fan of van Lieshout's work who has collected many of his pieces.

The Dutch designer has created a number of products for Lensvelt, many of which have become "modern classics in the interior design industry," the brand said. These include the AVL Shaker and AVL Office Chair.

The AVL Glyder chair by designer Joep van Lieshout
Atelier van Lieshout's AVL Glyder chair is one of the products he designed for Lensvelt

"The collaboration between Joep and Lensvelt has a lot of history and fun, resulting in the most beautiful, original and best-selling products of Lensvelt," the brand said.

As well as furniture, Atelier van Lieshout designs more abstract pieces. For Design Miami 2015, the studio created an inhabitable sculpture that is a cross between a luxury lounge and a primitive dwelling.

In 2017, Van Lieshout's controversial sculpture Domestikator was shown at the Centre Pompidou after being pulled by the Louvre.

AVL SPR, shown at the Furnication WW-III exhibition in Milan
AVL's SPR Cathedra lounger for Lensvelt was shown at the Furnication-WWIII exhibition in Milan

Van Lieshout was born in Brabant but runs Atelier van Lieshout from a warehouse in Rotterdam, where he declared an independent state, AVL-Ville, for a 2001 project. AVL-Ville was "a free state in the Rotterdam harbour, with a minimum of rules, a maximum of liberties, and the highest degree of autarky," the studio said.

Among Atelier van Lieshout's designs for Lensvelt are the AVL Office Chair, AVL Lazy Modernist, AVL Spider chair and AVL workbench, shown as part of the Virtual Design Festival products fair.

Dezeen founder and editor-in-chief Fairs also took part in the discussion, which was part of our wider collaboration with Lensvelt for Virtual Design Festival. This included Screentime interviews with designers Maarten Baas, and Fabio Novembre, all of which have designed products for the brand.

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