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Dark blended porcelain tiles by Ceramiche Refin

Ceramiche Refin launches Blended porcelain tiles that combine natural stones and sands

Dezeen promotion: the textures of rocks, stones and sand are replicated and combined to form the latest collection of tiles by Italian brand Ceramiche Refin.

Called Blended, the range draws on Earth's own, multi-faceted geology – from the tactile grain of quartzite to the veining of French limestone and the warm tones found in the sandstone arches of the Wadi Rum desert.

Blended porcelain tiles in Natural by Ceramiche Refin
Above: The Blended tiles can be used on walls. Top image: They work both indoors and outdoors

Although the final tiles are made of porcelain, they mix all of these visual references together into a new "harmonious" hybrid that resembles a real slab of earth.

"The earth's markings and shadings come together in an original material inspired by wonderful places and distant lands," said the brand.

"Blended combines these different textures, more or less pronounced, to obtain a sustained yet balanced rhythm."

Blended porcelain tiles by Ceramiche Refin
Blended comes in the five colours of grey, natural, white, beige and dark (from top to bottom)

The tiles are available in three different formats – either as a 60 by 60-centimetre square, a 30 by 60 centimetre rectangle and one that is twice as large at 60 by 120 centimetres.

The colours range from cooler tones of white, light and dark grey, to warmer hues like beige and an orangey neutral shade called Natural.

Tiles in Grey by Ceramiche Refin
Each tile features a unique pattern

Since Blended can be used on both floors and walls, both indoors and outdoors, the range is able to create seamless transitions between different architectural features.

In this way, it lends itself particularly to interiors projects that take inspiration from nature and attempt to create hybrid spaces that open up into their surrounding environment.

Blended porcelain tiles in Dark by Ceramiche Refin
The collection can unify indoor and outdoor spaces

"Blended crosses the border between indoor and outdoor spaces, offering new possibilities in interior projects that increasingly draw on and contaminate the outdoors," added the brand.

At the end of last year, Ceramiche Refin also released a range of tiles called Riflessi that incorporates the colours, patterns and craft techniques of the Mediterranean.

For more information, visit the brand's website.

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