Showcase: Japan presents handmade goods from Japanese brands

Dezeen promotion: 24 Japanese brands are exhibiting handpicked selections of homewares, gifts and accessories on Shoppe Object's virtual marketplace Showcase: Japan.

Showcase: Japan is a collection of goods that blend modern design with traditional Japanese craft.

The items on display, which include candles, makeup brushes, dresses coloured from shibori dye, lighting, and glassware, can be bought on the site.

a photograph of containers by Paper brand Sikigu
Paper containers by Paper brand Sikigu are on show. Top image: Style of Japan

"The designers featured not only tap into the countries long history of intricate craftsmanship but also address everyday needs with innovative, creative and artistic solutions," said Yukari Niikura, Project Coordinator of Jetro New York.

"Browse through the curated list of home, lifestyle, fashion, accessories and beauty brands, many of which are hand-crafted marrying innovation and tradition, craft and technology."

A photograph of some of Shaquoda's makeup brushes
Shaquda offers a handmade makeup brush collection

Among the items featured in the showcase are Polepole Animal designed by T-Lab, which are animal sculptures carved from sustainable wood, dried, polished and painted by hand.

Also on display are items from fashion brand Takarajima Senkou, which dyes fabrics, clothing and interior pieces using traditional techniques and natural materials.

According to Niikura, Takarajima Senkou offers "versatile styles that complement our modern lives, yet reflecting on the history of dyeing that we value".

A photograph of small animal sculptures by T-Lab
Small animal sculptures designed by Polepole Animal are on show

Also featured is brush brand Shaquda, which offers a handmade makeup brush collection "created through a fusion of craftsmanship and sophisticated design from Kumano, Japan's renown brush-making town".

The brand's method of making their handmade brushes is two centuries old, and the objects are designed to ensure a pleasant experience when makeup is applied to the face and body.

A photograph of colourful handmade glassware by SGHR Sugahara
SGHR Sugahara makes handmade glassware

Paper containers by Sikigu are also on show. The designs intend to show how paper can be used as a useful, decorative item in the home.

"Since ancient times, Japanese culture has always incorporated paper in their daily life," said Showcase: Japan. "Paper is not only used for writing and drawing but also used for lighting, walls and other daily items."

Other brands featured include sock brand Nishiguchi Kutsushita, glassware company SGHR Sugahara and candle manufacturers Takazawa Candle.

A photograph of colourful socks by Japanese brand Nishiguchi Kutsushita
Sock brand Nishiguchi Kutsushita will be selling their colourful items

Showcase: Japan is exhibited by JETRO, the Japan External Trade Organization in partnership with the Shoppe Object marketplace.

"JETRO created this partnership in order to create a space, to share with the world some of the most ingenious contemporary designers, artists, craftswomen, and men, who are working on expanding their presence outside of Japan."

To view more about Showcase: Japan, visit its Instagram page.

Showcase Japan will run from 1 February to 31 July online. See Dezeen Events Guide for an up-to-date list of architecture and design events taking place around the world.

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