Kawara Armchair by Koyori among new products on Dezeen Showroom

Dezeen Showroom: a wooden box-like chair with curved back and armrests is among 13 new products on Dezeen Showroom.

Kawara Armchair by Koyori in the corner of a room with concrete floor and painting hung on the wall

Kawara Armchair by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec for Koyori

Designed by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec for Japanese brand Koyori, the Kawara Armchair has a simple yet classic shape that can be used around a dining or meeting table.

The chair is made from plywood and can be upholstered in leather or textiles.

The Kawara Armchair was featured on Dezeen Showroom this week, alongside a garden pavilion design and a standing work table that can be folded away to save space.

Read on to see the rest of this week's products:

Souvenir Sofa by Blu Dot with green upholstery in a living room with wooden furnishings

Souvenir Sofa by Blu Dot

The Souvenir Sofa by US brand Blu Dot features a wooden bookshelf at the back, which can be used to display objects.

The sofa's seating is made up of a flat seat cushion and a long bolster backrest, creating a vintage appearance.

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Timmy Libro table by Mara displayed upright and folded

Timmy Libro table by Mara

Timmy Libro is a foldaway table created by Italian office furniture brand Mara that can be used when working in a standing position.

The table has a mechanical folding system and anti-shock protection that makes it easy for users to transport or store away to save space.

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Miau Armchair by Koyori in a dark wood

Miau Armchair by GamFratesi for Koyori

The Miau Armchair has a curved seat and backrest, and four tapering legs and armrests, which are made from a single piece of bentwood.

The chair was designed by Danish-Italian design studio GamFratesi for Koyori and is available in a number of wood finishes.

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Pavilion H by Kettal at night with ambient lighting

Pavilion H outdoor seating area by Kettal

Spanish brand Kettal has created Pavilion H, a customisable structure that can be placed in gardens to provide an indoor-outdoor seating area.

Pavilion H has an aluminium structural frame with a range of optional side panels, including vertical wooden slats, sheer curtains, grid planters and sliding doors.

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White Pocket chair by Bla Station in the corner of a high ceilinged room

Pocket chair by Stone Designs for Blå Station

The Pocket chair has a cup-like shape and a nook under the seat that can be used to store blankets, laptops or books.

The chair was designed by Stone Designs for Swedish brand Blå Station and is suited for use in restaurants and hotel lobbies.

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Musubi Armchair by Koyori in a light wood

Musubi Armchair by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec for Koyori

Designed by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec for Koyori, the Musubi Armchair combines Japanese craftsmanship with notes of Scandinavian design.

The wooden chair has a sculptural silhouette that is made using wood-bending techniques.

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Opal towel ring on a concrete wall with other wall-mounted bathroom accessories

Opal towel ring by Geesa

Geesa has released a new bathroom accessories collection named Opal, which includes a towel ring formed from two graphic circular shapes.

The Opal towel ring is available in five colour finishes, including chrome, brushed stainless steel, black, brushed gold and brushed metal black.

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Red Era Wilton carpet by Signature Floors with a pink and brown armchair

Era woven carpet by Signature Floors

Era is a collection of woven carpets that were designed by Signature Floors to be used in commercial environments.

The carpet collection is made from New Zealand wool combined with nylon and is available in 30 different colours.

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Dina chair by Beit Collective with yellow and blue woven seat

Dina chair by Adam Nathaniel Furman for Beit Collective

Dina is a wooden chair with a colourful woven rattan seat made from bioplastic, designed by Adam Nathanial Furman for Lebanese homeware brand Beit Collective.

The chair's seat can be customised with a choice of 12 bright colours and is suitable for both indoors and outdoors.

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Blue Echo lamp by Caussa on a wooden window sill

Echo lamp by Simon Busse for Caussa

Informed by the shape of a tuning fork, the Echo lamp has a round LED light source that can be tilted and height-adjusted along a two-pronged stand.

Echo was designed by Simon Busse for German brand Caussa and is available in red, white, blue and black.

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Green arched Archie acoustic wall panels with white seating and potted plants in front

Archie acoustic wall panels by The Collective Agency

The Collective Agency has released a collection of acoustic wall panels which have playful geometries that reference the movements of the sun and moon.

Named Archie, the collection is made up of arched and spherical shapes that are set into a vertically grooved background.

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Grey Doge tiles pictured from above with brown armchair and side table

Doge tiles by Halcon Ceramicas

Doge is a tile range created by Spanish brand Halcon Ceramicas as a contemporary take on classic Venetian floors.

The tiles have a matte finish and are available in four neutral colours that range from grey to brown-beige.

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