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Domus Image Search uses machine learning to source products and materials for architects and designers

In this exclusive video produced by Dezeen, tile supplier Domus showcases its new web app that uses AI and image recognition to help architects and designers find tiles, stone and wood as efficiently as possible.

Domus has created a digital tool designed to find finishing materials and products in a matter of seconds.

Screenshot of Image Search showing tile matches on Domus's website
Image Search is designed to find tiles, stone and wood as efficiently as possible

Called Image Search, the app was developed in collaboration with Stylib, a London-based tech start-up that specialises in building digital tools that aim to improve the specification process.

Image Search allows users to upload images of materials, textures or patterns and match them to products in Domus' catalogue based on visual similarities. The app is designed to negate the lengthy process of manually researching and sourcing materials.

Two people looking at tiles at Domus's flagship store
Materials and products are matched and recommended based on visual similarities

"Architects and designers are always looking for inspiration when it comes to products and finding the right one can be a long process," said Domus marketing director David Kong in the video.

"To tackle this, we're launching a new web app called Image Search, [which] helps our customers find products and materials quicker and in a new way."

White textured tiles by Domus
The app can identify a wide range of textures, colours, shapes and subtle details

The app can recognise a wide array of textures, shapes, colours and materials, such as stone, marble and wood. It can also recognise subtle finishing details, thanks to a tool that allows users to crop to a specific area of an image to improve the search results.

"Rather than manually scrolling for hours trying to match the product you're interested in, simply take a picture of that product or material and bring it onto the Domus web app," said Noam Naveh, CEO of Stylib.

Person sitting at their desk on the computer in Domus's office
Users can filter the results according to contrast, materiality and complexity

"The algorithm then searches through thousands of images in the Domus catalogue and proposes products that are guided by the photo," he added.

In addition, the app features distinct filters that are driven by machine learning, allowing users to specify the product even further:

"We've introduced some unique filters, like contrast and complexity, so that the search refinement is even more easy and intuitive," explained Naveh.

Screenshot of Image Search on Domus's website
The app uses machine learning to match products based on images submitted

Users can also save favourite products to create mood boards and order samples online.

The Domus Image Search app can be accessed via computers, tablets or smartphones.

Laptop displaying Domus Image Search
The app is available on computers, tablets and smartphones

Domus describes itself as "the first hard-surfaces supplier in the world that allows its customers to intuitively find the products they're after".

"We want to help our customers find the right designs quickly, give them great ideas and inspire them," said Kong.

To learn more about Domus visit its website.

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