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Tiled corridor of Upper Wimpole Street apartment by Jonathan Tuckey Design

Ten homes that make a feature of their corridors

Our latest lookbook showcases 10 homes that prove that with the right use of elements such as colour, unusual flooring or feature walls, internal corridors can be much more than a necessary evil.

Corridors are sometimes frowned upon, with contemporary architects often preferring to create open-plan layouts that avoid any potentially cramped passageways.

But in some cases, corridors are unavoidable, and they can even become a space to enjoy in their own right.

Below are 10 examples of the various ways in which architects and designers have sought to celebrate corridors in residential interiors.

This is the latest in our lookbooks series, which provides visual inspiration from Dezeen's archive. For more inspiration see previous lookbooks featuring compact bedrooms, interiors that use room dividers and homes with built-in furniture.

Tiled corridor of Upper Wimpole Street apartment by Jonathan Tuckey Design
Photo is by Ståle Eriksen

Upper Wimpole Street apartment, UK, by Jonathan Tuckey Design

This elliptical corridor leads from the living room of this flat in a Regency-era London townhouse into an antechamber next to the master bedroom.

Architecture studio Jonathan Tuckey Design used pastel pink for the walls and striking black and white triangular floor tiles that contrast with the palette of the adjacent room, defining it as its own space while conveying a sense of intrigue about what lies beyond.

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Candy Loft by StudioAC
Photo is by Jeremie Warshafsky

Candy Loft, Canada, by StudioAC

Toronto firm StudioAC gave this loft conversion apartment in a former factory a more intimate feel by creating white, arched corridors with pale Douglas fir floors from Dinesen skirted by warm inlaid LED lights.

"The upward glow of the lighting highlights the curve overhead as you move through the extruded thresholds," the studio said.

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Walkway in house by Bovenbouw Architectuur
Photo is by Stijn Bollaert

Weekend House, Belgium, by Bovenbouw Architectuur

Antwerp studio Bovenbouw Architectuur designed this bungalow to make visitors feel like they are walking up a path by opening the front door onto a curving hallway of wooden steps leading up through the house.

"We liked the idea to see the house as a walk up the slope, a path," practice founder Dirk Somers said. "When you walk up the 'path', the corridor, you look into the trees in the back of the garden."

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Riverside apartment by Format Architecture Office
Photo is by Nick Glimenakis

Riverside Apartment, USA, by Format Architecture Office

A translucent glass portion is set into the pale hardwood wall of this corridor in a compact New York apartment renovated by Format Architecture Office.

The glass allows light to pass through to avoid making the space feel cramped, while the millwork contains cupboards for storage, with the corridor itself serving to create a clear distinction between different areas in the home.

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Family house renovation by Hiha Studio
Photo is by Pol Viladoms

Montcada house, Spain, by Hiha Studio

Slicing through this long, narrow dwelling near Barcelona renovated by Hiha Studio is a corridor defined by an inward-curving wall bearing full-height doors, designed to break up the linear layout of the space.

To accentuate the curve, the rooms behind the doors have a slightly lower ceiling that continues beyond the corridor and cuts diagonally across the adjacent living area, carrying with it the same light-grey colour.

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Timber interior
Photo is by Maxime Brouillet

MB House, Canada, by Jean Verville Architectes

Jean Verville Architectes filled this house in Montreal with recesses and passageways to delineate the space in a sculptural manner.

Like nearly all the surfaces in the home, the corridor running from the front door is made of plywood, producing a minimalist, functional aesthetic while also concealing storage spaces.

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Photo is by Brian Ferry

Bed-Stuy Townhouse, USA, by Civilian

Brooklyn studio Civilian actually created a new corridor in this renovated historic townhouse by adding a full-height maple millwork block to divide two spaces while also providing storage.

The small corridor section itself, which connects the kitchen to the living room, is lined with aluminium laminate and framed by parquet-styled American oak flooring.

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Trikoupi apartment by Point Supreme
Photo is by Yannis Drakoulidis

Trikoupi Apartment, Greece, by Point Supreme Architects

The flooring plays a crucial role in creating a different kind of corridor in this Athens apartment reworked by local studio Point Supreme Architects.

A long strip of oak parquet running perpendicular to the entrance hall creates a notional walkway from the dining area out to the balcony, acting as the clear central spine of the interior despite its open-plan layout.

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Inner Home apartment designed by Azab
Photo is by Luis Diaz Diaz

Inner Home, Spain, by Azab

Architecture studio Azab had only a very tight budget to refresh the interiors of this 1970s flat in Bilbao and was unable to make any major structural changes.

Instead, it chose to liven up a long corridor through the centre with bold bubblegum-pink paint and a matching carpet, with a gabled glazed doorframe fitting into the pitched ceiling at one end.

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Wide corridor
Photo is by Gonzalo Viramonte

Casa Genaro, Argentina, by S_estudio

This residence in Córdoba was designed by Argentine firm S_estudio for a family with a son who uses a wheelchair, so contains numerous elements of accessible design.

Among them is a wide, central entrance hallway that extends to provide direct access to every room in the house, illuminated by generous skylights.

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This is the latest in our series of lookbooks providing curated visual inspiration from Dezeen's image archive. For more inspiration see previous lookbooks featuring compact bedrooms, interiors that use room dividers and homes with built-in furniture.