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Heracleum III light by Bertjan Pot for Moooi

Dezeen Showroom: Dutch designer Bertjan Pot and Moooi have continued their collaboration on the Heracleum lighting range by introducing the lamp's third revision.

Originally launched as the Heracleum Suspended light in 2010, Heracleum III introduces new controls and dimming technology as well as a green colour option across all four of the Heracleum light iterations.

White Heracleum The Big O above sofa in living room setting
Heracleum's four designs aim to integrate into a variety of spaces

The design's four variations – Heracleum Suspended, Heracleum The Big O, Heracleum Endless and Heracleum III Linear – share the same core qualities in various sizes and formats.

Named after a genus of herbaceous plant, Heracleum lights comprise a vertical, linear or circular frame that supports slim branches.

These branches contain conductive layers, which power the LEDs inside translucent leaf-shaped tabs.

Green Heracleum lamp LED detail
LED lights contained in lenses mimic the appearance of leaves

The four designs each available in a range of sizes and four colours – green, white, copper and nickel – make Heracleum III suitable for use in a range of spaces.

"For me, the Heracleum is a lot more about math than nature, but somebody else might use it because they're all about flowers," said designer Bertjan Pot. "I always like it when there's more than one story about a product."

Pot invited Dezeen to his Rotterdam studio to film an exclusive video, where the designer offered insight into his designs for Moooi.

Product: Heracleum III
Designer: Bertjan Pot
Brand: Moooi
Contact: [email protected]

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Copper Heracleum lamp LED detail
Green Heracleum Suspended light
Copper Heracleum Suspended light
White Heracleum Suspended light
Green Heracleum III Linear
Copper Heracleum III Linear
White Heracleum III Linear
Nickel Heracleum III Linear
White Heracleum The Big O
Copper Heracleum The Big O
White Heracleum The Big O