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Bathroom with white tiles and pink grout

Ten white bathrooms that are far from boring

Our latest lookbook explores contemporary takes on traditional white bathrooms, proving that monochrome doesn't have to be monotonous.

White bathroom interiors are an enduring household trend, typically chosen for being practical but also for their connotations of cleanliness.

Yet, their simplicity is often seen as being sterile, traditional or devoid of design.

The ten examples listed below challenge this notion, demonstrating that with the right choice of tiles, plants and layers of texture, a white bathroom can still be an inviting sanctuary.

This is the latest in our lookbooks series, which provides visual inspiration from Dezeen's archive. For more inspiration see previous lookbooks showcasing colourful staircases, living rooms with stone surfaces and light-filled glass extensions.

White bathroom with curtains in The Euclid Residence
Photo is by Maxime Bocken

The Euclid Residence, Canada, by Ancerl Studio

Wall lights, curtains and a framed print make the white bathroom at The Euclid Residence feel more like a living room than a purely practical space.

Located off of the house's main bedroom, the room also features a softly curved tub that grants its user views out onto an adjoining balcony.

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White-walled bathroom of House in Fontinha
Photo is by Fernando Guerra

House in Fontinha, Portugal, by Manuel Aires Mateus

To add visual interest to the clean-cut washroom at House in Fontinha, architect Manuel Aires Mateus embedded a bathtub within its floor.

The level change is demarcated by polished concrete that also helps to break up the space. Beside it, a low-lying window introduces splashes of colour into the room.

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White-tiled bathroom inside The Melburnian Apartment by Edition Office
Photo is by Ben Hosking

The Melburnian Apartment, Australia, by Edition Office

Skinny white tiles envelop the bathroom at The Melburnian Apartment, covering its curved walls, floor and walk-in shower that is hidden and accessed through a large opening.

Designed by Edition Office, the tiles are teamed with a large mirror and a vanity cabinet that has a marbled finish and monolithic washbasins on top.

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Interior of XS House in Taiwan
Photo is by Hey! Cheese

XS House, Taiwan, by Phoebe Sayswow Architects

Phoebe Sayswow Architects gave this white bathroom a graphic quality by using bright pink grout between its glazed white tiles instead of the traditional grey or white options.

To add depth to the room, which is located in a small one-bedroom apartment in Taipei, a matching vanity unit projects from the wall. The space is finished with black bathroom products and a suitably-bold begonia maculata plant.

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Shower room with curtains in Berlin Mitte apartment
Photo is by Christoph Rokitta

Berlin Mitte apartment, Germany, by Atheorem

Local architect Atheorem brought a serene and ethereal quality to the wetroom of this apartment in Berlin using all-white finishes and minimal fittings.

A pair of floor-to-ceiling curtains provide privacy for the owners when showering, while also adding a layer of texture and filtering soft natural light into the space.

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White-tiled shower in The Portage Bay Float Home
Photo is by Kevin Scott

The Portage Bay Float Home, USA, by Studio DIAA

Studio DIAA used square tiles to create the all-white interior of this shower room, located in a floating house in Seattle's Lake Union.

Fixed with pale grey grout, the tiles bring a textured appearance to the room that contrasts with its smooth metal accessories. On sunny days, treetops framed through a skylight overhead cast shadows across their surface.

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Ensuite bathroom of Casa da Volta
Photo is by Luis Viegas

Casa da Volta, Portugal, by Promontorio

The deliberately simple interior of this ensuite washroom helps to draw attention to three large cactus plants in the white-walled courtyard outside.

Maximising the sense of lightness and openness in the room, a large mirror lines one wall and the ceiling joists are left exposed overhead, painted white to match the rest of the space.

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White bathroom in Alfred Street Residence
Photo is by Shannon McGrath

Alfred Street Residence, Australia, by Studio Four

One of the most minimalist bathrooms on the list is this all-white interior designed by Studio Four as part of the Alfred Street Residence in Victoria.

Large white tiles run across its floor and walls, framing a freestanding tub that is illuminated by a skylight above. To add an element of texture, a white-painted wooden stool sits in the corner.

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Palma Hideaway washroom by Mariana de Delás
Photo is by José Hevia

Palma Hideaway, Spain, by Mariana de Delás

Plants, tiles and marble have been used to animate the white-walled bathroom at the Palma Hideaway, designed by Mariana de Delás in Mallorca.

The floor is raised to accommodate a sunken bath on one side, which is lined with dark-green tiles that also feature elsewhere in the home – helping the room act as an extension to the living spaces.

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Walk-in shower with circular tiles
Photo is by Rafael Soldi

Hillside Midcentury, USA, by SHED

This spacious white bathroom and walk-in shower by SHED is sheathed in hundreds of tiny circular tiles and lit by a frosted-glass window that stretches from floor to ceiling.

The size of the tiles and window help to emphasise the openness of the room, while wood elements and a potted plant help bring an element of cosiness.

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This is the latest in our lookbooks series, which provides visual inspiration from Dezeen's archive. For more inspiration see previous lookbooks showcasing colourful staircases, living rooms with stone surfaces and light-filled glass extensions.