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Photograph showing pink and red side table and leopard print and red armchair on white backdrop

University of Wales Trinity St David presents nine design projects

Dezeen School Shows: a product that affords greater play freedom to oxygen-dependent children and a lifeguard aid for spinal injuries feature in Dezeen's latest school show by students at University of Wales Trinity St David.

Also included is a balance bike that allows children to take an active role in toy assembly and a tampon applicator designed for inclusive use.

University of Wales Trinity St David

Institution: University of Wales Trinity St David
School: Swansea College of Art
Courses: BSc, BA Product and Furniture Design, Msc Industrial Design and MA Product Design
Matt Archer, David Jarvis and Liam Mee

School statement:

"The ethos of our Product & Furniture Design programme at UWTSD is to produce design professionals able to respond creatively to the changing needs of society.

"We want our students to make a difference to the people and world around us, by fulfilling humanity's imagination in creating a blueprint for a desired future.

"Our programme marries lateral thinking with real world applications, giving students the freedom to break the rules, think dynamically, be inquisitive and explore the subtleties of good and meaningful design.

"We encourage students to follow their passions and interests and allow them to drive the directions of their projects throughout the course.

"We maintain small and concentrated teaching groups, meaning that we are able to deliver an increased level of interpersonal dialogue.

"This allows the academic staff to guide students toward the careers within design that they are passionate about.

"Working closely with the Cerebra Innovation Centre and the Assistive Technologies Innovation Centre that are based within the university, we are able to give students an understanding of what it is to be a designer in a professional capacity, whilst maintaining the experimental nature of an academic setting."

Photograph showing children's toy bikes laying on white backdrop

Build & Ride by Adam Higgins

"Build & Ride is a children's balance bike that engages users with practical STEM learning outcomes.

"Children can build their first bike and control the construction process using the ten-step assembly guide included.

"Children will benefit from enhanced cognitive skills, improved hand-to-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

"Gaining a great sense of accomplishment and confidence, the child can hit the ground running with their first bike adventure."

Student: Adam Higgins
Course: Msc Industrial Design
Email: adamhiggins_[at]

Photograph showing green and black strapped carry case attached to pink children's bike

Attach by Lauren Gooch

"This product is designed for oxygen-dependent children aged five and above who require constant oxygen therapy and have the desire and ability to partake in physical social activities without the support of a parent or carer.

"The over-the-shoulder feature and universal hook attaches the cylinder securely to scooters, bikes and other equipment, making the product suitable for most activities and allowing the user to be more independent."

Student: Lauren Gooch
Course: BA Product and Furniture Design
Email: laurengooch01[at]

Photograph showing lifeguard holding red life float

LifeAider by Bethan Johnson

"Spinal injury management within pool environments is extremely difficult for lifeguards.

"The 'vice grip' manoeuvre that turns casualties from a prone to a supine position, whilst keeping the spine aligned, is a struggle for most lifeguards.

"LifeAider integrates with this spinal move. The universally indented head, back and raised neck area is placed on the back of the casualty and clamped into position, with an indented arm and hand span area on the back of the board.

"The buoyancy of the board combined with the biomimetic fusiform shape reduces drag and creates a more efficient rescue.

"LifeAider is also a reaching aid, providing the protective barrier between lifeguards and panicking victims.

"LifeAider can also be used to tow unconscious casualties with more ease to safety, ensuring water doesn't meet the mouth and face of the casualty."

Student: Bethan Johnson
Course: BA Product and Furniture Design
Email: bethanrlljohnson[at]

Photograph showing hand holding curved orange tube-shaped object dramatically lit in front of dark backdrop

Sasha by Emily Carter

"Sasha is a contemporary and inclusive adaption of the standard tampon applicator.

"Designed with a curved body and unique tampon loading section, Sasha allows the user to insert a tampon with an applicator in a seated position.

"The safety and convenience of being able to insert Sasha whilst sitting down are one of the product's main features.

"By changing the shape of the applicator, Sasha promotes the safe use and application of tampons."

Student: Emily Carter
Course: BA Product and Furniture Design
Email: carteremily99[at]

Photograph showing children's toy with mock syringe, tube and blue bear

PreMedPrep by Adam Higgins

"PreMedPrep is a children's medical preparation toy that aims to reduce the anxieties and fears children experience in the lead-up to blood tests.

"The purpose of the interactive toy is to utilise visual learning to provide emotional and cognitive support to children.

"It's an innovative and enjoyable method of conducting 'medical prep' that is not currently available to medical practitioners.

"Letting children play with the product allows them to discover how blood tests are administered, distracting them from their fears or anxieties and feeling more in control of the situation.

"This can help increase the likelihood of first-time-right testing, reassure parents and empower the child with a positive care experience."

Student: Adam Higgins
Course: MSc Industrial Design
Email: adamhiggins_[at]

Visualisation of manual rolling apparatus on beach

QuickLayer by Yumita Hayashi

"QuickLayer is a lightweight, rapidly deployable rescue device designed to be used by lifeguards.

"It lays down a flexible mesh mat allowing lifeguards to walk across sand with ease to reach people safely.

"The product has two wheels with studs that allow it to move across the sand smoothly and is thick enough to be durable for rough ground.

"QuickLayer has a handlebar to roll the mat out quickly without needing to bend down. It also has a rubber grip to stop slipping during poor weather."

Student: Yumita Hayashi
Course: BSc Product Design and Technology
Email: yumitadesign[at]

Photograph showing figure in front of urban garage holding black and white trainer shoe

Eleazar by Rhys O'Leary

"In contrast to many Adidas sneakers, Eleazar challenges the boundaries of Adidas' DNA by creating a futuristic silhouette perfect for the 2025 fall/winter market.

"This sneaker is equipped with a BOA lacing system, used uniquely compared to traditional designs.

"The system is incorporated into a flap that wraps around the top of the foot that, when tightened, secures the foot in place.

"The combination of materials creates a lightweight sneaker that is comfortable for everyday wear."

Student: Rhys O'Leary
Course: BA Product and Furniture Design
Email: rhysol94[at]

Photograph showing minimal clock amongst objects on a shelf

Swarf by Madeline Mckenna

"This project created product solutions from non-recyclable industrial plastic waste.

"Polyurethane plastic swarf is waste created during the CNC process that is used in many product manufacturing streams and is ordinarily destined for landfill.

"The goal of this project was to reuse this waste material to create products with a long lifespan.

"The outcomes reflect focused simplicity with careful consideration given to surpass current, past and future trends."

Student: Madeline Mckenna
Course: MA Product Design
Email: madeline.c.mckenna[at]

Photograph showing pink and red side table and leopard print and red armchair on white backdrop

The Wiggle Collection by Georgia Hatton

"The designs borrowed playful references from historical decorative styles, with inspiration stemming from pioneers of the early modernist movement such as the works of Le Corbusier and Rudolph Vichir.

"The project aimed to create visually exciting furniture that balances the juxtaposition between masculine elements, traditionally associated with early modernism and contemporary hyper-feminine influences.

"The distinctive wiggle frames are made up of powder-coated tubular steel and create a shared language between the pieces that are distinctive throughout the further wiggle furniture family.

"The wiggle side table with its unusual cantilever design, involves a distinct sense of play, aiming to put the fun into function."

Student: Georgia Hatton
Course: MA Product Design
Email: info[at]

Partnership content

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