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Showcase: Japan presents handpicked designs from 25 Japanese designers

Promotion: homeware platform Shoppe Object is hosting a virtual marketplace and in-person show called Showcase: Japan that presents handpicked collections of homeware, fashion and accessories from 25 Japanese brands.

The collections on display at Showcase: Japan include glassware, jewellery and accessories, lamps, vases, clothing and textiles, each of which intends to blend traditional Japanese craft with modern design.

Two glasses by SGHR Sugahara
Glassware by SGHR Sugahara is on display. Top image: Aderia

On show is handmade glassware by glassware brand Aderia, which presents over 100 original glass colours using a combination of traditional craft with modern techniques.

Also featured are fashion accessories designed by clothing brand Ecuvo. The collection includes socks, scarves and gloves that are made using renewable energy and organic and recycled materials.

The brand has also introduced dying fabric with natural waste materials.

"To avoid the harmful cycle of trends and fast fashion, we have chosen simple, timeless designs which we are confident will still be pleasing after many years of use," said Ecuvo.

Vases by Nousaku
Nousaku makes vases using a casting technique

Also featured are metal vases, incense holders and candle holders by the homeware band Nousaku. Each piece is made using a casting technique and is hand-finished.

Also on display are wooden tableware trays by Kito. The brand selects the wood from strong trees from the mountain range outside its workshop in Ishikawa, Japan, which it then sculpts and polishes by hand.

Kito translates to "with tree", which represents the connection between the craft and the material source.

"We use condensed solid wood grown for over 100 years for its longevity, incorporating the charm of wood into our daily lives to cherish trees and hand down a rich forest to future generations," said Kito.

Black desk lamp shining on a notebook and pen
Fujita designs elegant lamps

Homeware and tools from homeware brand Fujita are also on show. The company uses metals to create pans and flower pots and table lamps that are "lightweight and gentle".

Also featured are candles from candle brand Daiyo, which uses natural resources from Lake Biwa in Shiga, Japan to create natural plant wax candles.

Made in Takashima, each candle is artisanally made using skills passed down through generations.

Other designers featured include ceramics brand Marumitsu Poterie, textile manufacturer Harappa and bag company Pleco.

A yellow, blue and green bag
Pleated bags on display by Pleco

Showcase: Japan is exhibited by the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) in partnership with Shoppe Object's Shoppe Online marketplace.

"The designers featured not only tap into the countries long history of intricate craftsmanship but also address everyday needs with innovative, creative and artistic solutions," said project coordinator of Jetro New York, Yukari Niikura.

"The aim is to showcase some of the most ingenious contemporary designers, artists, craftswomen and men, who are working on expanding their presence outside of Japan."

Throughout the live show and online exhibition, buyers will be able to download brand catalogues and buy the products and collections from the online marketplace.

To view more about Showcase: Japan, visit its Instagram page.

Showcase: Japan will run from 1 August to 31 January 2023 online. Showcase: Japan's live show runs from 14 to 16 August at Booth A319, Pier 36, New York City. See Dezeen Events Guide for an up-to-date list of architecture and design events taking place around the world.

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