Shapespark creates real-time visualisations that are easy to navigate in a web browser

Promotion: the Shapespark visualisation tool makes it easy for designers to turn 3D models into interactive online walkthroughs.

Shapespark is a real-time, 3D visualisation creator that is designed to optimise the web-based viewing experience.

Visualisations can be explored using any internet browser on a desktop computer, mobile device, or virtual reality viewer. They can be easily accessed via a weblink or added to any website using a simple embed code, according to Shapespark.

Shapespark visualisation tool
Shapespark is a web-based visualisation tool. Image and above image by Motion Wave

Shapespark wanted to make the experience as easy as sharing or embedding a YouTube video.

"The key differentiator of Shapespark within the real-time family is the focus on online presentation and interactivity," said the brand.

"Shapespark visualisations can be explored directly, without the need to download or install any app."

Shapespark visualisation tool
It can turn 3D models into interactive online walkthroughs. Image by Movimento

Shapespark is compatible with most 3D modelling software programs, including SketchUp, 3DS Max and Revit.

Users can export their models directly into Shapespark and transform them into interactive 3D walkthroughs that are hyper-realistic.

As the visualisations work in real-time, users can walk freely through spaces rather than being restricted to specific viewpoints.

Shapespark visualisation tool
It can be used by architects to show how a building will look and feel. Image by Build Architektur-Visualisierung

Shapespark believes the tool is ideally suited to architects and interior designers, as it makes it easy for clients to understand how a building or space will look and feel before any work takes place on-site.

It can also be used to create virtual exhibition spaces for artists, designers and furniture brands. It's also possible to host a video meeting within the virtual space.

"Visualisations can be enriched by interactive features: the ability to switch materials or objects in the space helps the viewer to compare various design choices, pop-ups triggered by the viewer can contain rich web content and present supplementary information about the inspected furniture item or an art piece," said the company.

Shapespark visualisation of a kitchen
Interactive features allow users to try out different materials or furnishings in a space. Image by Build Architektur-Visualisierung

Architectural visualiser Tim Bonnke, founder of build Architektur-Visualisierung, described Shapespark as "an easy-to-handle solution for the real estate presentation of the future".

"Shapespark finally allows what you want from the big game engines – an interactive use of complex 3D models directly in the browser. And that, without any programming knowledge or additionally required plugins," he said.

Shapespark visualisation tool
The tool can also be used to create virtual galleries. Image by My3Ideas

New York-based designer Dan Scully used the tool to create a virtual exhibition for the NYU/Tisch Department of Design for Stage and Film after the Covid-19 pandemic made a physical show impossible." Shapespark allowed us to do in weeks what would have taken us months (or years) to do from scratch," he said.

"Their flexible system allowed for extensive customisation, and the strong support services made us confident in their app being a stable platform for us to rely on."

Shapespark visualisation tool
Video meetings can be hosted within the virtual space

Shapespark is showcasing a range of example visualisations on its website, including a walk-through of a loft apartment design created by Motion Wave.

To find out more and sign up for a free trial, visit the Shapespark website.

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