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Photograph showing chairs and stools on plinths on white background

Edelweiss seating collection by Philippe Bestenheider for Billiani

Dezeen Showroom: Italian brand Billiani has released a collection of chairs and stools in collaboration with designer Philippe Bestenheider that play with the concept of balance.

Stools and chairs in the Edelweiss collection come in both perforated and solid backrest versions, all featuring overtly interlocked backs and seats to demonstrate the merits of their plywood materiality.

Photograph of grey upholstered chair on white backdrop
The design references traditional alpine chairs

"[The chairs] combine the comfort of an ample surface with the formal and constructive elegance of Swiss design," said Billiani. "[The pieces pose] a game of balancing of forces of pressure and tension that simulates a micro-work of architecture."

Bestenheider made reference to traditional Alpine chairs that share the slotted construction between the seat and backrest.

Photograph showing detail of perforated backrest version of chair
The backrest slots into a slit at the rear of the base

A perforated version features ten punched-out circular voids in its backrest, that become "graphic signs that maximise the experimentation with reduction of material".

The seats are designed for use in contract projects and come in a range of finishes and upholstery options.

Product: Edelweiss
Designer: Philippe Bestenheider
Brand: Billiani
Contact: [email protected]

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