An office painted with Teknos paints

Bo LKV choose Teknos' Biora Air range of air-purifying paints to furnish renovated office

Promotion: Finnish real estate agency Bo LKV has chosen paint brand Teknos' range of air-purifying paints to furnish its new office facilities in Helsinki, which creates a "perfect balance of harmony and functionality".

Called Biora Air, Teknos' paints absorb and neutralise aldehyde pollutants in interior spaces, which are made to improve air quality and wellbeing for people.

Biora Air uses aldehyde-binding properties to capture formaldehyde and other impurities in the air, converting them into harmless components, according to Teknos.

Bo LKV office space furnished with Teknos paints
The paints are intended to improve air quality in indoor spaces

"Biora Air is a smart tech paint developed especially for better indoor air quality," said Teknos.

"Namely, Biora Air coatings catch and transform formaldehyde and other impurities from the air into harmless components with a technology based on aldehyde binding properties. Formaldehyde is one of the substances listed in the EU as being in high connection with indoor air quality, commonly used, for example, in the manufacture of building materials."

An image of an office decorated with Teknos’ paints
The paints match the historical pigments of the site

Bo LKV chose the paints not only to improve its office air quality but also for their matt finish, which matches the historical appearance of the Kruununhaka area and provides a calming space for office workers.

"Last autumn, the company started to look for a new office space in Helsinki and found an interesting option from the street of historic noble houses in Kruununhaka," said Teknos. "As a location, Kruununhaka is known for its community spirit and its lively and active lifestyle culture."

"For Bo LKV, this kind of surrounding was a perfect match for the needs of a real estate agency. Not only was the accessibility well-suitable for the customers and employees of Bo, but also the classic style and elegance of the building perfectly suited the company's image and profile," continued the brand.

An office space painted with Teknos paints
The pigments are intended to provide a calming atmosphere for the agency's office workers

The agency's chosen office had previously been a restaurant that allowed indoor smoking, leading to nicotine-stained walls.

Before applying the Biora Air paints, the addition of Teknos' Timantti Stop insulation primer was added to prevent stains from penetrating the new coats of paint.

"After the very first visit to the new office premises, we knew right away that this was the one for us," said interior architect at Bo LKV, Jenni Leikas.

"Even though we understood that the renovation for the place was going to be a long and hard one since the business space has served as a restaurant before, we wanted to start the project."

A photograph of an office space that uses Teknos blue and green paints
The paints use aldehyde-binding properties to capture formaldehyde and other impurities in the air, converting them into harmless components

Biora Air paints can continue having their air purifying effect for five to ten years say Teknos, and have received a Nordic Swan Ecolabel for environmental friendliness.

Teknos began as a Finnish paint creator in 1948 and has since become a global coatings brand, offering paints and coatings for manufacturing, building and consumer use.

To view more about Biora Air paints, visit Teknos' website.

Photography is by Juuso Soininen and the interior design is by Jenni Leikas.

The photography is by Juuso Soininen.

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