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Spotlights in the ceiling of Chinese cinema

One Plus Partnership adds sculptural stage spotlights to Shenzhen cinema

Chinese studio One Plus Partnership used reflective bronze panels and a variety of spotlights to create a light-and-shadow effect at the Wan Fat Jinyi cinema in Shenzhen, China.

The studio chose "stage lighting" as the theme of the interiors to match the concept of the cinema, which caters to both film screenings and live performances. The project has been shortlisted in the leisure and wellness interiors category of Dezeen Awards 2022.

Wan Fat Jinyi cinema lobby
Spotlights form the key design element applied throughout the cinema

"This project's core design concept for the cinema was the 'stage'," the studio said. "Since the old days, the stage has served as a space for actors or performers and a focal point – the screen in cinemas – for the audience."

On the lobby ceiling, two lines of spotlights are assembled with the lights pointing outwards at each side to form a series of rectangular blocks. They hang randomly at different angles to make it look as if they are floating above people.

Light installation at Wan Fat Jinyi cinema
The spotlights have a sculptural design

Also in the lobby, One Plus Partnership covered the interiors using bronze as the main material to create more reflective surfaces. The reflective quality of the bronze helps to create a light-and-shadow effect when it is hit by the spotlights.

Yellow and orange were chosen as the main colour palette of the interiors since the colours are closely associated with light.

Wan Fat Jinyi cinema hallway
Lighting dots on the hallway walls serve as signage

In the hallway, the spotlights are used as single units and have been added to the floors and walls at different angles. By arranging these lighting dots into groups, the studio created decorative patterns on the all-black walls, highlighting the lighting effect.

Some of the spotlights are formed into signage that help visitors to identify locations and directions.

The studio used the same colour palette for the auditorium. The geometric patterns on the walls and seating were designed to resemble traces of light shot from spotlights.

"By using just different combinations of colours, we have managed to give variety to the design with the lowest possible costs," explained One Plus Partnership.

Wan Fat Jinyi cinema auditorium
The geometric patterns in the auditorium resemble traces of light shot from spotlights

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The photography is by Jonathan Leijonhufvud.

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