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Taliesin lamps by Frank Lloyd Wright and Yamagiwa

Taliesin lamps by Yamagiwa among six new products on Dezeen Showroom

Dezeen Showroom: wooden lamps originally designed by the architect Frank Lloyd Wright are among six new products featured on Dezeen Showroom.

Photograph of wooden boxy lamp

Taliesin lamps by Frank Lloyd Wright and Yamagiwa

Japanese lighting brand Yamagiwa has reissued the wooden light fixtures designed by Frank Lloyd Wright for his 1911 Taliesin house in Wisconsin, with the permission from the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation.

Available in both floor and table variations, the Taliesin lamps consist of wooden boxes and planks arranged up a vertical square pole.

Taliesin was recently featured on Dezeen Showroom, alongside an armchair that is designed to be sat on, leant against and laid across, and a dining set with components that appear to float.

Read on to see more of the latest products:

Red chair in minimal interior with fireplace

Fender chairs by Francesco Favaretto for True Design

Designer Francesco Favaretto created a range of lounge chairs for Italian furniture brand True Design, which have densely padded armrests that act as an extension of its seat.

Fender chairs aim to subvert the idea that sitting on the arms of a chair is impolite, and are suitable for both residential and public interiors.

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Wooden chairs and bench and around dining chair

Floating Top furniture collection by Beomsuk Ko for Kobeomsuk Furniture

Founder of South Korean furniture brand Kobeomsuk furniture, Beomsuk Ko, has designed a dining set consisting of a table, bench and chairs that have elements that appear to hover in mid-air.

The designer used shadow gaps and receded structural elements to create this illusion in the table top and seats, bolstered by their simple silhouettes and natural wood grain finish.

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Worklab by Baldanzi & Novelli Designers for Narbutas

Worklab by Baldanzi & Novelli designers for Narbutas

Narbutas and Baldanzi & Novelli designers collaborated on a piece of multi-use furniture that aims to combine the functions of a room divider, desk, media display wall and storage unit.

Worklab has a wide range of customisable elements and is suitable for use in offices, educational institutions, creative workshops and civic buildings.

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Red-toned interior with arches

Artcore flooring by Modulyss

Artcore was designed by Belgian flooring brand Modulyss to celebrate the way transitions between landscapes and terrains occur in nature.

The floor tiles can be used to create gradient effect patterns across floors and are available in a variety of patterns that come in warm and cool-toned hues.

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Polar chair by Jorge Pensi Design Studio for Pedrali

Polar task chair by Jorge Pensi Design Studio for Pedrali

Jorge Pensi Design Studio collaborated with furniture brand Pedrali to create a softer and more characterful version of a traditional task chair.

Polar combines advanced ergonomic support with clean, minimalistic lines to create a functional yet elegant chair for work spaces.

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