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Stem Zero Volcano glassware by Nude

Competition: win Stem Zero glasses from Nude

For our latest competition, we've teamed up with glassware brand Nude to give readers the chance to win two ultra-fine Stem Zero glasses, which are designed to enhance the enjoyment of wine.

Nude claims the Stem Zero glassware with ion-shielding technology is the world's toughest yet finest lead-free crystal glass, and developed it to give wine connoisseur the sensation that there is nothing between them and the wine.

By entering our latest competition, three lucky Dezeen readers will win their choice of two Stem Zero glasses, valued at €54 (£47).

Stem Zero Volcano glasses
The Stem Zero Volcano collection is designed to make an impression

Nude combined its philosophy of simplicity and elegance with technical innovation to make the glasses, which it says are twice as strong and flexible as other handmade glasses of similar thinness.

The innovation involves suppressing the creation of surface flaws that can cause the glass to crack. To achieve this, Nude applied an ion-exchange process in which large ions are swapped out for the smaller ions originally in the glass, compressing it together and giving it a tougher surface.

"The glass is so fine and so light that it defies belief," said Nude. "Such is the remarkable quality of the glass that it creates a sensation of weightlessness, as if the wine is being held by an invisible force, allowing you to savour the aroma and taste of wine in a way that, until now, was considered unimaginable."

Stem Zero Grace collection of glasses by Nude
The Stem Zero Grace collection has a more curvaceous profile

At the same time, Nude worked with a consultant to simplify its range of glass types for different wine to six: sparkling wines, prestige champagne, delicate white wines, full-bodied white wines, powerful red wines and elegant red wines.

There is also a "Masterglass", designed to be the best all-purpose glass for all wine types.

Nude has made four collections applying the Stem Zero glass with ion-shielding technology. The full range of glass types is represented in the Stem Zero Vertigo collection, which features eight different styles including a water glass and elegant red wine glasses in two sizes.

There is also the Stem Zero Volcano collection, which features generous bowls and tapered sides designed to make a strong impression, and the Stem Zero Trio range, a simplified, classic line with three matching glasses.

Stem Zero Trio collection of glassware by Nude
The Stem Zero Trio collection is simplified and classic

Finally, there is the Stem Zero Grace collection, which offers silhouettes that are described as "feminine and voluptuous" and is named after Grace Kelly.

Based in Istanbul, Nude was founded in 2014 as a subsidiary of Sisecam Group, an industrial global glassware company. The company believes in glassware that is simple and refined with a focus on function.

"We live in a confusing world: too many choices, too many products, too much 'noise'," said the company. "Nude believes less is more and that form is best when it meets function."

Three readers will win two Nude Stem Zero glasses of their choice. Terms and conditions apply. The winner will be selected at random and notified by email. This competition has now closed. 

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