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Rooftop extension to FAT's Blue House revealed in drone film

This video shot by architectural photographer Edmund Sumner shows the pebbledash-covered rooftop studio that architect Sean Griffiths recently added to the postmodern Blue House in London.

The extension is designed "in the spirit" of the much-lauded original house, which Griffiths designed in 2002 as his own home alongside FAT partners Charles Holland and Sam Jacob.

Clad in pink-toned pebbledash, the addition contains a rooftop studio that opens on a pebble-filled terrace intended to evoke the beach at Camber Sands. Its rough texture is designed to be in contrast to the pale blue clapboard-patterned fibre-cement walls of the original home.

"I'm glad that we did not just mimic the aesthetic of the original house in the extension, that we kept experimenting in the spirit of the original house but created something that contrasted, but worked well with the original," Griffiths told Dezeen.

"I wasn't sure whether that was the right approach as we were doing it, but now I think it was."

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The film is by Edmund Sumner.