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Black Chapel by Theaster Gates

Dezeen's top 10 architecture and design videos of 2022

Next in our review of 2022 we select 10 of the best videos captured by Dezeen this year, including an exclusive look inside the redesigned Orient Express and a soothing movie about an ASMR exhibition.

The past 12 months also saw the Dezeen Studio team interview Serpentine Pavilion designer Theaster Gates, run a series profiling the world's most striking concrete buildings and explore a dreamlike drone installation at Herzog & de Meuron's Elbphilharmonie concert hall in Hamburg.

Read on for Dezeen's top 10 architecture and design videos of 2022:

Black Chapel Serpentine Pavilion video by Theaster Gates

In the first of our highlighted videos, Chicago-based artist Theaster Gates explains his design for the Serpentine Pavilion in an exclusive video interview produced by Dezeen in collaboration with the Serpentine Gallery.

Called Black Chapel, the cylindrical pavilion took the form of a black-stained timber structure wrapped in black rubber. Its form references religious and industrial structures and is intended for gathering, performance and deep reflection.

In the video, Gates explains the role of architecture in his artistic practice, being careful not to refer to himself as an architect, and said that working on the pavilion enabled him to unify the parts of his practice that had previously seemed disparate such as music and spirituality.

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Concrete Icons video series with Holcim

This year, Dezeen launched its six-part Concrete Icons video series in partnership with building materials company Holcim.

The series comprises six videos profiling the most striking contemporary concrete buildings by the world's leading architects, who tell the stories behind their designs in exclusive interviews with Dezeen.

The first instalment features the undulating Cloudscape library by MAD in Haikou, China, which has a flowing form cast in white concrete and is punctuated with curved cut-outs that capture views of the landscape, sea and sky.

Speaking to Dezeen, MAD founder Ma Yansong explained how the building was designed to put visitors in a contemplative or imaginative state of mind.

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The World of ASMR exhibition video for Design Museum

Dezeen teamed up with the Design Museum to create an exclusive video showcasing an exhibition from the museum that explores the cultural phenomenon of ASMR.

Called Weird Sensation Feels Good: The World of ASMR, the exhibition features a series of visual, auditory and tactile pieces designed to evoke physical sensations like frisson, euphoria or calm within the viewer.

In an interview, curator James Taylor-Foster explains the role ASMR can play in the world of design and how it can provide people with a sense of relief and relaxation in a fast-paced and hyperconnected world.

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Dutch Design Week x Dezeen three-part video series

To explore this year's Dutch Design Week, the largest design event in Northern Europe, Dezeen filmed a series of three videos hosted by Dezeen's design reporter Alice Finney featuring highlights of the various events, exhibitions and installations taking place throughout the week.

The first video captures a pavilion topped with multicoloured solar panels created by Marjan van Aubel and V8 Architects, as well as Shit Show, an exhibition about the benefits of using human waste as compost by social designer Fides Lapidaire.

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Dezeen and LG Display's OLEDs Go! competition finalist video

Dezeen and LG Display teamed up to launch the second edition of global design competition OLEDs Go!,  which challenged contestants to create innovative designs showcasing OLED technology in new and creative ways.

In this video, Dezeen deputy editor Cajsa Carlson explained that the brief of the competition was to come up with ideas that make use of the special features of OLED technology, such as its thinness and lightness, to create designs that enrich people's changing lifestyles.

The video features the winning design, called Caelum by Turkish Designer Cagatay Afsar, along with the four other finalists' designs that were assessed on their creativity, aesthetics, functionality and feasibility.

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Design Dreams video: Hortensia chair by Andres Reisinger for Moooi

As a continuation of Dezeen and Moooi's Design Dreams series, which explores how successful designers turned their dreams into reality, Dezeen produced a video in which Andrés Reisinger talks about how he brought his viral digital render of the Hortensia chair to life.

Reisinger explained that he first posted the render of the chair on his Instagram in July of 2018, forming part of the first wave of NFT designs. Its digital form takes shape as a moulded armchair designed to create the feeling of sitting in a blooming flower.

Working with product designer Júlia Esqué and Moooi, the chair was brought to life in a physical form comprising 20,000 pink fabric petals clustered together to evoke the hydrangea flower, which the chair is named after.

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Stolab Stories video series

Dezeen teamed up with Swedish brand Stolab to produce a three-part video series exploring the brand's solid-wood furniture, its heritage and values, as well as its approach to sustainability.

Called Stolab Stories, the series documents Stolab's story of becoming a homegrown brand with a deep respect for nature, exploring its craftsmanship and working environment at its headquarters in Smålandsstenar, Sweden.

The first video in the series featured Stolab's owner and CEO Martin Johansson introducing the stories behind some of the brand's key pieces of furniture from past and present.

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Dezeen x Chart Art Fair 2022 pavilion videos

As part of our collaboration with Chart Art Fair 2022, Dezeen shot a series of short videos capturing five temporary pavilions erected for the 10th edition of the Copenhagen event.

This year's brief was set to the theme of bio-architecture, to provoke a discussion about the symbiotic relationship between architecture and the natural environment and examine how new materials can promote sustainability within the built environment.

The first video features Dune by architecture collective Barila, a greenhouse-like structure wrapped in a transparent facade. The interior was filled with a mound of sand and plants sourced from Danish sand dunes to create its own "dynamic ecosystem".

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Breaking Waves installation video by Drift

The next video to make this list features a drone installation by Dutch design office Drift called Breaking Waves, created to celebrate the fifth anniversary of Herzog & de Meuron's Elbphilharmonie concert hall in Hamburg.

The kinetic installation employed a fleet of 300 illuminated drones that were programmed to move in an undulating pattern above the concert hall, as a nod to the building's wave-like form and its proximity to the surrounding Elbe river.

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Orient Express Revelation video

In this exclusive video, Dezeen captured the newly designed interiors of the historic Orient Express train by French architect Maxime d'Angeac, who gave the train its first redesign in almost 100 years.

Launching in 2025, the interiors of the train cars were revealed in an immersive virtual reality (VR) exhibition called Orient Express Revelation, displayed during Paris art week in October 2022.

The new design, which is informed by 19th-century French design, is characterised by "contemporary luxury" and features rosewood details, marble-covered tables and bronze column capitals.

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