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White seating on white background

Twin Moon seating by Missana among seven new products on Dezeen Showroom

Dezeen Showroom: a seating collection informed by a celestial phenomenon in which two moons appear to be superimposed is among seven new products featured on Dezeen Showroom.

Twin Moon seating collection by Pepe Albargues for Missana Lab

Twin Moon seating by Pepe Albargues for Missana

Spanish furniture design brand Missana's co-founder Pepe Albargues referenced an astronomical legend in his design for the brand's Twin Moon collection, which is made up of a sofa and armchair.

The chair has a circular seat whereas the sofa has a seat made up of two circles that are conjoined. Both topped by rounded backrests and the pieces can be upholstered in a wide selection of fabrics.

Twin Moon was recently featured on Dezeen Showroom, alongside a system of acoustic ceiling panels informed by Japanese design and an easy chair with a graphic, puffy silhouette.

Read on to see more of the latest products:

Orange rounded chair on mezzanine below wavy ceiling

Max easy chair by Johan Ansander for Blå Station

Designer Johan Ansander and Swedish furniture brand Blå Station have released a fuller, upholstered version of the previously released Maximus chair.

Max has a graphic shape reinforced by thick legs, a cushioned foam and spring interior and carefully sewn upholstery. The chairs can be finished in fabric, leather or custom materials.

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Photo of white square Fuji acoustic ceiling tiles suspended above a square dining table

Fuji acoustic ceiling tiles by Woven Image

Australian interior finishes company Woven Image's latest acoustic product is informed by Japonisme and Art Deco design styles.

Fuji acoustic ceiling tiles have rounded corners and a tapered form. They are available in a selection of neutral colourways.

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Burgundy red and beige chair arranged around table

Om chair by Johan Ansander for Blå Station

Furniture brand Blå Station and Swedish designer Johan Ansander collaborated on a chair that has a simple, curved composition that is made completely out of wood.

The Om chair is designed to be lightweight and visually unobstructive and is made from European oak or ash wood that can be dyed upon request.

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Photo of a desktop with a monitor, laptop and accessories supported on the Hexcal Studio desktop management system, lit by the soft glow of an indirect light

Hexcal Studio desktop organiser by Hexcal

British tech company Hexcal has released a desktop organisation system that hides wires, supports monitors and streamlines both work and play.

Hexcal Studio is made from steel and aluminium for durability and is capable of supporting up to 14 devices at once.

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Homework seating collection by Alexander Lotersztain for Derlot

Homework seating by Derlot

Alexander Lotersztain has designed a modular set of linkable furniture for his company Derlot that includes seating and work surfaces.

Homework has customisable segments including high, low and no back bench seating and rear-mounted standing height desks, each available in tactile fabric upholstery and wood finishes.

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End of blue sideboard with small shelf above

Elephant sideboard by Westblom Krasse Arkitektkontor

Swedish design brand Westblom Krasse Arkitektkontor has designed a sideboard that has a simple, chunky composition.

Elephant sideboard is named for its thick components and blue finish. Pink versions have also been made and are available on request.

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