Preciosa's Crystal Beat installation for Milan design week

Preciosa creates "labyrinth of rhythm and light" at Milan design week

Dezeen teamed up with Preciosa to capture its immersive installation at Milan design week, which features a crystal labyrinth that gives the impression of "seeing sound and hearing light".

Called Crystal Beat, the installation comprises a lattice of hand-blown crystal tube lights that were synchronised with music to create the illusion of "seeing sound".


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Preciosa created a labyrinth at Milan design week

As visitors travel through the maze-like installation, the lights make rhythmic movements that respond to the frequencies and beats of the music to heighten the visitors' sensory experience.

The installation was created to showcase Preciosa's Crystal Grid design concept, which made its debut at lighting exhibition Euroluce during Milan design week.

Close up of shimmering bubbles and brass details of Preciosa's Crystal Grid lighting system
The installation showcased Preciosa's hand-blown crystal tube lights with sparkling bubbles

The handcrafted Crystal Grid lights are characterised by perpendicular lines to echo the orthogonal patterns of architectural spaces.

The lights are composed of crystal tubes encompassing tiny sparkling bubbles that create a dynamic, glimmering interplay of light. To create this effect, soda ash was added to the molten glass mix, which produces a multitude of flecks that interact with the LEDs.

Close up of Preciosa's latticed Crystal Beat installation for Milan design week
The Crystal Beat installation featured a lattice of lights synchronised with music

As demonstrated in the installation, Crystal Grid is a modular lighting concept that enables a wide range of configurations varying in shape and size.

The design of each lighting cluster can be customised, from the length of the crystal rods to the finish of the metal connectors.

Preciosa's Crystal Grid lighting system suspended in a contemporary lobby interior
The modularity of the lights enables wide-ranging configurations

The Crystal Beat installation is on display until 23 April 2023 at Pavilion 9, Stand 210 at Salone del Mobile, as part of Milan design week 2023.

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