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Superpop tables by Paolo Cappello for Miniforms

Eight furniture pieces and products made from sustainable materials

Dezeen Showroom: 3D-printed room dividers made from food waste and mycelium are among recent sustainably-designed products on Dezeen Showroom.

In order to address growing environmental concerns within the furniture and wider design industries, brands are opting to make their products using renewable, recyclable and reclaimed materials, and processes with circular principles in mind.

We've rounded up eight recently released furniture pieces made from recycled materials, including waste plastic from abandoned fishing nets, electronic waste from the tech industry and materials derived from the process of making paper.

From a bar stool made from coffee shells to a recycling bin made out of post-consumer plastic, read on to see our selection of the latest furniture designs made from sustainable materials on Dezeen Showroom.

Superpop tables by Paolo Cappello for Miniforms

Superpop tables by Paolo Cappello for Miniforms

Miniforms' Superpop tables – created in collaboration with Italian designer Paolo Cappello – have a rounded rectangular form and a speckled finish reminiscent of terrazzo.

The pieces are made from recycled plastic, which creates the mottled pattern. They are lightweight and durable enough for use either indoors or outdoors and can be recycled further at the end of their lifespan.

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Veggro collection by Interesting Times Gang and OBOS

Veggro collection by Interesting Times Gang and OBOS

Design studio Interesting Times Gang worked with cooperative homebuilder OBOS on a duo of screens called Loom and Jugoso.

Loom has a pale finish and is made from mycelium, whereas mustart-hued Jugoso is made out of orange rinds. Both are created using 3D-printing techniques and have biomorphic patterns representing the natural materials they are made from.

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Eternity high stool by Space Copenhagen for Mater

Eternity high stool by Space Copenhagen for Mater

Danish furniture brand Mater has created its Eternity high stool in collaboration with designers Space Copenhagen, which is made from Matek – the brand's patented circular waste material.

The material contains both e-waste and coffee shells leading to the stool's characteristically dark colour. It can be upholstered with Kvadrat's Re-wool material,  which is made from 45 per cent recycled wool.

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Alted H01 tile by Berta Julià Sala for Alted Materials

Alted H01 tiles by Berta Julià Sala for Alted Materials

Spanish brand Alted Materials worked with product designer Berta Julià Sala on a range of tiles made from cellulose waste, a byproduct of the paper industry. The tiles are also coated with a water-based sealant distilled from waste vegetables.

Alted H01 tiles come in three grooved patterns and various earthy colourways. The material allows the tiles to be recycled circularly, preventing material from ending up in landfill as is the case with traditional construction materials.

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Matt black Ovetto bin in kitchen

Ovetto waste bin by Gianluca Soldi for SoldiDesign

Italian design brand SoldiDesign has released an egg-shaped waste bin named Ovetto that is both made from recycled materials and is designed to contain them in different compartments for easy disposal.

The bins are made from post-consumer recycled ABS and polypropylene in different amounts depending on its colour. The matt black Ovetto bin is made from 100 per cent recycled content.

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Wooden coffee table in living room

Centenniale coffee table by Joanna Laajisto for Nikari

The Centenniale coffee table was made for Finnish brand Nikari by architect and designer Joanna Laajisto out of 100-year-old wood.

The table's angular top is supported by contrasting chunky, rounded legs. It can be made from solid oak or ash wood, and emphasises the importance of utilising existing renewable materials.

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Black task chair by Humanscale

Liberty Ocean chair by Humanscale

Office furniture brand Humanscale used up to one kilogram of plastic derived from disused fishing nets for its Liberty Ocean task chair.

The chair represents the next evolution of the brand's classic Liberty chairs. It shares the same ergonomic technology and comfort as the other chairs in Humanscale's catalog but is made from sustainably-conscious materials.

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Stack of earthy coloured materials on outdoor table with trees in background

Gaia recycled upholstery fabric collection by Skopos

British brand Skopos has created a collection of materials made out of recycled textiles and post-consumer plastic waste.

Gaia mimics the appearance of textured wool boucle and comes in a selection of 21 earthy colourways.

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