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Yellow Mass table by Alexander Lotersztain for Derlot

Nine primary coloured products that add a playful touch to spaces

Dezeen Showroom: this roundup presents red, blue and yellow furniture, lighting and products designed to energise interiors with splashes of vivid colours.

The primary colours in design are red, blue and yellow. The most commonly used shades when talking about primary colours are solid, bright versions of these, rather than pastel, darker or other muted variations.

The colours are a popular choice when designing children's toys, making the colours innately synonymous with playfulness and energy.

The selection below includes seating, lights, tables and rugs that come in one or more of the above colours, which add bold statements to interiors.

These pieces include a flat-pack red chair by Italian brand One to One, a blue lamp based on the shape of pasta by US design studio Jumbo for French brand Petite Friture and a yellow rug that is designed to look like a net full of lemons by Australian brand Derlot.

Read on to see our selection of blue, yellow and red furniture, accessories and lighting listed on Dezeen Showroom:

Blue glass tables on terrazzo floor

Soda coffee table by Yiannis Ghikas for Miniforms

Murano glass is the only material present in this rounded table created by Greek designer Yiannis Ghikas for Italian furniture brand Miniforms.

The Soda coffee table is available in two shapes and heights and four colours of glass, including a denim-hued blue that is animated by the light that passes through it.

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Red chair in minimal interior with fireplace

Fender chairs by Francesco Favaretto for True Design

Italian designer Francesco Favaretto worked with True Design to add three upright chairs to extend the existing Fender range, which contains sofas and loveseats.

Fender chairs include a swivel base to encourage dialogue and movement, which is topped by a foam-covered seat that can be upholstered in a range of colours, including bright fire-engine red.

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Nod lamp by Tiptoe

Nod lamp by Tiptoe

French furniture brand Tiptoe has designed a table lamp that has an adjustable tilting head as well as two base options – a conventional stand or a clip-on fixture.

The Nod lamp comes in a spectrum of colours, including recently added primary shades called Majorelle Blue and Naples Yellow.

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Two blue Neotenic lamps by Jumbo NYC for Petite Friture

Blue Neotenic lamp by Jumbo for Petite Friture

French design brand Petite Friture has released a new hue for its distinctive Neotenic table lamp designed by US-based studio Jumbo.

The Blue Neotenic lamp retains the original's hand-blown orb-like shade and inflated, coiling shape rendered in a saturated blue colour.

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Flat pack chair in box on white backdrop

OTO chair by Alessandro Stabile and Martinelli Venezia for One to One

Sustainable Italian furniture brand One to One collaborated with designers Alessandro Stabile and Martinelli Venezia on a chair made from recycled plastic that is assembled by the user.

The flat-pack OTO chair aims to limit its impact on the environment from the manufacturing stage through to delivery and comes in six hues including Coral, a red-orange shade.

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Citrus outdoor rugs by Jorge Garaje for Gan

Citrus outdoor rugs by Jorge Garaje for Gan

Design company Gan, together with Spanish designer Jorge Garaje, created a rug collection called Citrus that mimics the shape of various fruits bagged up in netting.

The range includes rugs that feature oranges and limes as well as zesty yellow lemons overlaid with a matching yellow pattern reminiscent of a mesh bag.

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Blue chair beside white table in front of white brick wall

Twill chair by Gibson Karlo for Designbythem

A chair that takes cues from the appearance of plasticine is the latest design by Australian studio Gibson Karlo for Designbythem.

The Twill chair comes in vivid Ultra Blue among other finishes, which enhances its playfully rounded frame mimicking the appearance of clay that has just been removed from its packet.

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Red light on red wall

Zero Lighting expands Compose collection with four lights by Jens Fager

Designer Jens Fager has extended lighting brand Zero Lighting's Compose range with the addition of a standing, desk and wall lamp.

Lights in the Compose collection come in black and white as well as both yellow and red, all sharing a minimally designed conical metal shade.

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Yellow Mass table by Alexander Lotersztain for Derlot

Mass table by Alexander Lotersztain for Derlot

Furniture brand Derlot collaborated with Australian designer Alexander Lotersztain to elevate the design of a typical picnic bench.

The Mass table can be specified for both indoor and outdoor use, and is made from powder-coated steel and aluminium that comes in a sunny yellow finish.

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