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Longo seating system by Ramos & Bassols for Actiu

Seven furniture items and products that optimise workspaces

Dezeen Showroom: a slimline desk with an adjustable-height tabletop that can be used both indoors and out is among the latest products for offices to be featured on Dezeen Showroom.

This selection includes products for home offices as well as open-plan workplace environments, facilitating comfortable and efficient work for in-person, remote and hybrid working.

Also included is a modular office furnishing system by Actiu, an acoustic pod made from recycled steel with a myriad of optional extra functions by Leet Design and an ergonomic office chair by Narbutas.

Read on to see the latest workspace items from a variety of globally renowned designers and manufacturers featured on Dezeen Showroom:

Buddyhub desk by Busetti Garuti Redaelli for Pedrali

Buddyhub desk by Busetti Garuti Redaelli for Pedrali

Italian furniture brand Pedrali and design studio Busetti Garuti Redaelli have expanded the existing Buddy furniture collection with the addition of a work desk that is enveloped in acoustic panels.

The Buddyhub desk comes in a selection of sizes as well as sitting or standing heights. Users can choose between a selection of muted pastel colours as well as a plethora of add-on accessories.

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Acoustic office pod in workplace

Arche acoustic pod by Leet Design

French workplace furniture brand Leet Design has created a series of sound-proofed booths that can be situated in open-plan offices.

Arche acoustic pods come in two sizes – two-seater and single-person – that share high-tech software and hardware features.

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Pale pink OmniRoom setup on grey backdrop

OmniRoom room-in-room system by Mute

Office brand Mute has devised a series of 100 rooms, including workstations, breakout spaces, conference rooms and coffee points, which can be joined together to increase functionality in open-plan offices.

Each structure in the OmniRoom room-in-room system is made from recyclable aluminium and can be adapted to tend to the ever-evolving needs of the flexible modern workplace.

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Passport work table by Herman Miller

Passport work table by Herman Miller

Office furniture brand Herman Miller has released a small table that has a lever to move the tabletop between sitting and standing heights.

Passport work table can be used in both homes and offices and can be fitted with casters for easy portability.

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D-Chair by Baldanzi & Novelli for Narbutas

D-Chair by Baldanzi & Novelli for Narbutas

Workplace brand Narbutas collaborated with Italian design studio Baldanzi & Novelli on an ergonomic office chair with a bold, graphic frame and mesh seat and back.

D-Chair comes in both executive and task chair formats and users can choose between three frame colours and six mesh hues.

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Float Mini desk by Humanscale

Float Mini height-adjustable desk by Humanscale

Workplace furniture brand Humanscale created a smaller version of its full-size Float desk, which shares the same adjustable height technology.

Float Mini is designed to fit into smaller areas of the home to create a comfortable works setup and can even be used outside thanks to its non-electric non-powered pneumatic cylinder.

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Longo seating with green seat cushions in a large white office space

Longo seating system by Ramos & Bassols for Actiu

Spanish brand Actiu and designers Ramos & Bassols collaborated on a modular furniture system comprising soft seating, desks, storage, acoustic panels and accessories.

The Longo seating system can be set up in isolated components or in continuous conjoined units in either private or shared workspaces.

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