2019 shortlists

Regional market in Dandaji
by Atelier Masomi

This regional market provides the village of Dandaji in Niger with 52 enclosed stalls, using brightly coloured canopies to shade each of the separated lots.

The permanent daily market was commissioned in response to the growth of the remote village of Dandaji. The colourful recycled-metal canopies were used by Atelier Masomi to attract vendors and help grow the local economy. They hoped that by rebuilding the regional market it could provide new opportunities for the inhabitants of Dandaji and galvanise a region which has been struggling economically. In an attempt to maintain some of the design language of the existing market, the studio referenced the local market-architecture typology whilst updating it to make it more practical and durable. Instead of traditional shading structures made from reed, flexible spaces and alleyways are sheltered by colourful metal canopies of alternating height, encouraging air flow through the market. As well as providing cover for the vendors, the metal canopies offer solar and thermal protection to the produce below.

Architect: Atelier Masomi
Project: Regional market in Dandaji
Shortlisted for: Civic building

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