Assemble's Yardhouse studios for east London creatives. Photograph by Assemble




Architecture collective Assemble made history last year when it became the first non-artist to win the Turner Prize. This led to a huge surge of interest in the previously somewhat obscure London-based group, which has made it into the top 50 of our inaugural Hot List.

The ensemble of 18 designers and artists work out of a colourfully shingled workshop in east London, and are best known for their public installations including a temporary cinema constructed beneath a flyover.

They took on the renovation of 10 rundown houses and a series of empty shops in Liverpool for their Turner Prize-winning project called Granby Four Streets. As part of the process the group trained local people to produce a range of homeware products, which are sold to fund the regeneration of their community.

In the run up to the prize, Assemble also created a Brutalist-inspired playground inside RIBA's London headquarters. The playground made up of candy-coloured foam blocks is now installed on the Brutalist Park Hill estate in Sheffield.

The success of the Turner Prize has been enormous for the relatively young studio, with individual members going on to win prestigious projects – including the overhaul of The Modern House's new offices.

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