David Chipperfield

London architect David Chipperfield can do no wrong in the eyes of our readers. His quietly austere brand of modernism doesn't scream for attention, yet avoids being formulaic.

His output is as prolific and global as some of his starchitect rivals, yet his studio comes across as more of a boutique operation rather than a corporate one.

This year his most popular project was Fayland House, a low-slung, contemporary take on the English country home, which was named the world's best new house.

Luxury housing was a big theme this year for Chipperfield, with a development set amid wetlands in China our second most-visited story about him and news of a residential tower in New York coming third.

Next most popular was our story about his proposed new home for artist Tracey Emin, which was rejected by London planners, followed by details of a pair of holiday homes overlooking Italy's Lake Garda.

Continuing in the luxury vein, his marble-clad Bally store in Beverly Hills was also a hit, while the affable architect got involved in a rare dispute over the quality of the finishes at his cultural complex in Milan, boycotting the opening in protest and doing no harm to his reputation for obsessive quality.

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