Pitsou Kedem
Pitsou Kedem's S House in the Israeli city of Herzliya. Photograph by Amit Geron



Pitsou Kedem

The highest ranking Israeli architect on the Hot List is Tel Aviv-based Pitsou Kedem, whose Modernist-inspired homes and apartments are perennial favourites of Dezeen readers.

Concrete dominated the architect's output over the past year, used in a number of different ways.

For a 1950s-inspired property in Tel Aviv he chose to create large blank walls of the material, while concrete slabs framed expansive windows at a family house in Ramat Gan. By contrast, another residence he completed brought together white rendered concrete and geometric-patterned shutters.

The year also saw Kedem launch a nature-inspired furniture and homeware collection.

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Website: www.pitsou.com