Slow White by Bo Reudler - new pieces


Dutch designer Bo Reudler presents new pieces in his collection of objects made from tree branches at Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, which opens today.

New designs include a mirror, lamp and television-shaped object made of found tree branches.

Earlier pieces in the collection, which is called Slow White, were launched in Milan earlier this year (see our previous story).

The new additions will be on show alongside these at two venues - Strijp-X and Smalle Haven.

Dutch Design Week begins today and continues until 25 October.

Images are by Bo Reudler Studio.

Here's some more information from Reudler:



17-25 OCTOBER 2009

Bo Reudler Studio

New pieces from the Slow White series designed by Bo Reudler, will be launched at Dutch Design Week, 17-25 October 2009, Eindhoven. They can be seen at two locations: Strijp-X and Smalle Haven.

The new Slow White mirror, lamp and Golden Television will be exhibited in combination with the existing pieces – Slow White table, chair, cabinet and Golden Compass – which were launched at this year’s Internazionale Salone del Mobile.

Slow White mirror

Mirror, mirror… A high, adjustable, freestanding mirror fit for any Queen.

Height: 200 cm
Materials: Gathered wood (beech, birch, cherry or oak), recycled timber, white linseed-oil

Golden Television

A mobile and wireless television, equipped with a window for watching ‘live’ events. Change the views as you like or place an object inside to observe it. Unlimited channels.

Height: 100 cm
Materials: Gathered wood, metal outer coating, inner coating of white linseed-oil paint.

Slow White lamp

A crooked free-standing lamp with translucent shade made from an experimental natural material.

Height: 175 cm
Materials: Gathered wood (beech, birch, cherry or oak), white linseed-oil paint.

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  • OG

    oh! this must be what they’re calling organic design?… when you sort of mimic nature. and the golden television, what a brilliant idea! I mean, you just have the tv frame so you can see right through it. so instead of all that artificial, digital shit you’re now watching real organic events take place!!

  • leva.n

    this is great materials. cool

  • squeed

    fantastic stuff love it… more please

  • Well…. this is new! Nice one!

  • llamingfips

    this kind of thing really infuriates me. if i saw it in person i would be very tempted to smash it to bits. really lazy work that has no function, valueable story or something to say.

  • modular

    This is so Baas.

  • scruces

    That first comment was hillarious

  • scruces


  • Hi! I’m a Dutch designer and I look at all the previous graduated from the Design Acadamy & I’m verry original.